My Farmer and Me – -Surprise Meeting!


Rudy and his Lion

As I pulled into our local Stewart’s shop this afternoon a lady that was standing on the sidewalk just in front of where I parked, motions to my license plate and said (I could ‘see’ what she was saying) that is Bejosh…

As I got out of the car the woman and her son both said that they knew who I was and I said it must be that you read Ed’s posts on the Blog…they actually said they enjoy both of us writing. What a surprise for me!! And more of a surprise was that they don’t live right around here…I believe she said she lives in Halfmoon and her son is living in Connecticut!

They were both very concerned about Ed’s health and I assured them that he is on the mend and that he was mowing hay today.  After conversing a bit more, we got on the subject of us caring so much for our animals to which I said sometimes I wish we didn’t, but I was wrong, of course we are going to do what we have to to give them a chance at survival……asked her if she saw my turkey Rudy last summer on the Blog…I got the impression they weren’t following at that point.

So I told her I would put his photo up tonight and I just love remembering him sitting up on his lion like he was master of the universe…and have no regrets for trying to give him life…only sad that he had such a short time with us!

Anyway, I have more posts to put up for Ed so would just like to say thank you to you both for the compliments and great conversation…you certainly made my day!!! Did you get your Stewart’s whole milk and ice cream??? LOL.

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