My Farmer and Me…Another glitch…

DSC00712.JPGI have been trying since last night to get some new photos from my phone into my Blog photo folder, but am having no luck,none, nada, zilch!!!

Not being a wizard with all this new technology, I am getting very frustrated because I am spending every spare (?) second trying to get this figured out… I went out with my digital camera and took some new ones, a variety from around the farm…

After 2 hours of getting them onto my computer then into my blog photos, I guess I am good. I am sure we will find out, anyway!!!

***The photo is of cow ‘towels’ drying after washing them out. So much more economical than paper ones…Bought 3 bundles for around $36 or so last August. Was paying $60 plus each month for the paper ones…Seems like a no-brainer to me! I do have to wash them, though!!!


    1. Hi Uta…Cow towels are just wash cloths that we use to dry the udders after putting the udder wash on them..The teats need too be free of dirt and dry before putting the milker on. They work very well for us and save us money. They get washed after each milking and hung on the clothesline.
      Thank you for your interest in our daily life here on the farm.
      You have a nice summer…



  1. You’re helping our environment also by using these cloths rather than paper. Saves a tree!! Colorful photo. Mary Ann



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