DSC00733.JPGMy first thought is you must have been driving and drinking to throw that beer can out beside the road in front of the free stall… Come on, it’s pure gravel where you chucked it our!!!

No tall grass or ditch, on a straight-a-way with all those cows the cops could ask to be witnesses…Who knows, even Willie the peacock could have been watching!!!

What were you doing?…on your cell phone too…didn’t know the surroundings? Yes, I know the last plastic from the silage bag is just a few corn rows away, BUT…that is my garbage…

This is not Alice’s Restaurant version where you throw your garbage down with mine!!!And yes, I did have Carol take pictures on her cell phone and text a paragraph with each one she sent to Facebook…

So, remember impaired garbage tossing driver…there is no blind justice in the world of Bejosh…Look right there, that shot from my trail camera!!! Don’t you just love this technology stuff…???

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