It’s going to be Close…

20106338_new t man478782679141659_7235305285290333326_nThe hay I mowed on Saturday got tedded over today (Sunday), one of the best hay days we’ve had all summer! (Okay, I am behind on getting these past 2 posts up–Carol)Lots of sun, just a tad bit of a breeze now and then; if only the ground itself wasn’t so saturated from all this rain!

Also, the hay crop has what they call such a bottom in it from the second crop starting all making it hard to get it dry to bale..

So with a 60% chance of heavy t-storms to be coming thru tomorrow, de-ja-vu all over again, plus Yogi, it’s getting late early… With all this white knuckle, hair pulling weather making getting baled hay almost impossible, there is one crop loving this…the corn, it is like you can sit and watch it grow!!!

One other bright spot is the seeding of oats and grass seed that was put in late…looks good with great green color!

So I have a nice looking corn crop but I haven’t gotten my haymows full yet!!

Looking forward, the latest have baled hay was Nov. 4th, so even with my math I still have a three month window…as the experts would say…to get those haymows full cause as the old timers I grew up with would say, ‘anythings better than snowballs’!!

Am not to the point of an auction or putting in a hay order from out west, but will not try to hide the fact that this sucks…

You go through all the steps then it rains, do over that’s costly for a feed with little value to make cows milk! For small farms like myself, this could affect us until next year when you hope to get a good crop just as you started out this year hoping…De-ja-vu all over again…and again…

****the photo is of the new ‘in the works’ Tin Man…

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