Just in time…

20106405_4Red sky78782715808322_78222599547757292_nWith two balers and a little luck we got all the hay baled just as the first raindrops started to fall yesterday.. With even more luck, those first raindrops were all we got for a short while!That gave us time to pick up the 32 round bales and get them into the barn along with backing 3 loads of small square bales under the shed…

Two loads of small squares got unloaded as well…Even being late in the season this hay still had a nice smell  and is most definitely going to be better than snowballs…Just how much better? My plan is to mow another big jag of hay tomorrow cause I am feeling lucky, punk!

Who cares what the weather people say? The field I am in now has a wet area I know can’t get, but what I do know is after this field we have just two left and will have covered everything once!!! Too bad it has been so long ago that we started; we have second cutting that is ready!!!

In years past we would be running equipment from one end of the farm to the other day and night! I guess you could say mellow has set in!!!

Will most likely finish first unless we get a stretch of absolutely perfect hay weather…in that case, you do what you have to…mow it all! In the name of mellow, am hoping for good hay weather just maybe just not that perfect good!!!

***photo is of pink sky through the trees tonight as I came out of the barn…

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