After all these Years…

19424425_rainbow467433296943264_7273701143188488268_nWay back when, our neighbor’s barn roof blew off!!! Soon as chores were done we were there…A family fell on hard times when their fuel oil tank sprang a leak; we found a second hand one and put it in for them just because we could!

It is not about a pat on the back or some big payday; it’s just the right thing to do. We didn’t have to go without supper…Were able to pay the light bill…had a saw to cut wood for the stove…lived life a-la normal. Giving all the little helping hands thru the years without being a member of the billionaire club!

So with that club seemingly growing, why are the kids in Flint, Michigan and Hoosick Falls, NY (any where for that matter) not able to turn their taps on getting untainted water!Many from the billionaire club have vowed to give all that away before they pass on…I have met no one who knows that date! So what are we waiting for??

We did it, continue to do it; many people do those good deeds on a daily basis! Am always hearing about kids themselves starting small ventures to raise money for causes…Come on you Warren Buffetts of the world…Step forward,,,

Sometimes doing something just because you can beats the think tank on how it should be done! Pretty much knowing that’s the only way it will get done! Something we should all know after all these years!

Is this where our world is at? Will the likes of Jon Katz’ army of good be the norm? Things that once were a benefit from paying taxes now only there by crowd sourcing. As the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and rural America becomes slum America; debt riddles along with over mandated what lies ahead.

Is it the lack of a future that’s turning our youth to “I” people.The old scared feeling forgotten ? Those working to get ahead feeling blocked by a bar code stamped on their forehead and the expiration date on their chin!

Not my hope…after all these years!


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