My Farmer and Me — Memories

20245989_47tasseled9791189040808_6536750431307393263_nTwenty years ago today I lost my Dad…It was a beautiful Sunday morning; a most wonderful day to fly with the angels.

He was a very loving and caring man…he took care of his family by working long hours in the construction business running a huge crane, doing various jobs. He was requested for most of the jobs, simply because he took his time and made sure he did it right the first time…no do-overs, at least not too many.

He made holidays extra special, whether it be a Christmas or birthday present, or something he enjoyed cooking for other holidays; and he was a fabulous cook!

This morning I took this photo of the sweet corn tasseling out, and was trying to come up with a post to go along with. Then I thought of my father who loved the fact that I married a farmer…after he retired from his real job of 50+ years he came and worked with us, mostly doing tractor work in the fields.

Then he would bring my mother over just about every Sunday afternoon just to visit. He could talk to my Farmer about so many things that they had in common, animals — he always has some around, crops — he planted and tended to a large garden and gave a lot of veggies away to neighbors, but he had a lot of pride in his green thumb.

I think that my Dad is looking down on us with a smile…the corn is growing despite the slow wet spring, the hay is getting baled at every opportunity. We have a great family and he would have loved all my grand kids as he was a big kid at heart. I still have an empty place in my heart.

Twenty years ago, yet seems like yesterday. I know it was your time to go and you were ready; I just wasn’t ready to let you go. I love you Dad…



  1. Thanks for that – made me cry. I lost my dad in 2001 and I miss him every day. He also had a green thumb and was a hard worker. That generation was pretty special.



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