Watch — listen–learn…

20228408_4helpers79791242374136_2386016508469121192_nAs a kid I spent many a day around older men, most often at work sights…could have been in the woods felling trees or filling silo with neighbors….In cold weather when going in to warm up it would always happen, someone would say ‘young fella, undo that coat and get up here by the fire, get that body warm!’ You’re cold!!!

If you were like me and these men were like hero’s they could do anything…fall a tree up hill in the wind, keep an old New Holland 77 baler with a Wisconsin Four running in the brutal heat of baling dusty straw in the dog days of August!!!

Can hear those men of my youth now as if they were here today and someone asked for a do over…Sometimes their lack of acknowledging you were there was worse than if they didn’t give you an answer!

I learned early on to watch, listen and learn! You can answer your own question without even asking! Life ain’t rocket science, boy!! You kinda’ insert a couple different more to the point words!! I’d often think how mean they were only to be pulled aside by a master to be tutored into becoming the Jack of all Trades and Master of None! Their uncanny ability to secure a krafts survival!

My how things have changed with Google!!!If you were there you were there to learn…they weren’t babysitters! The world of common sense  and I was lucky enough to grow up in it’s center!

That uncanny ability to tackle any task…all from some old men stuffing it into that wide eyed kid….getting the golden opportunity to watch his heroes at work.

***Two grand sons unloading hay with Grampy today. Hay has been sitting on the wagons since Monday.

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