Back in the Day…

20228236_Tman helper480366972316563_7744656768738241579_nMark, the “I wanna be a farmer” who bought the acreage I have talked about I am going to start using; he ‘gets it’, and I intend to do everything possible in helping  him get there…

Our conversations, although most often too short, are always invigorating! They seem to kindle how fast modern Ag is to spend, knowing the returns are marginal at best!

So in my intention to help Mark while also helping myself with the use of his land, I have been reverting back to some practices from back in the day! Back when rotating crops, manure with soil building properties like straw, old hay or sawdust and your own Ph testing kit, so you knew when to add lime!

That good white lime not some gray, gravel pit by-product, aka stone dust. (That is my opinion) The time when you went to a local bank where they knew you, which I think made your request one being reasonable!

Best parts of those transaction was they didn’t have you milk more cows and most often that loan was paid off before you went back again!!! We have also talked about an observation deck at the top of his 70′ silo, weddings in fields of corn, oats, sunflowers or just wildflowers up on his hill with a view!!!

Even a small pasture with just a couple steers fattening over a summer season one for his freezer and one to sell…Start small, work into it, cause I’ll bet the people from his other neighborhood haven’t tasted small farm homegrown beef!!

Mark’s love for the outdoors, the land and all it’s wild creatures, while still seeing the preservation of old farmsteads, including barns, silo and the like, while making it all functional is very refreshing to see from our former full time city  dweller, hoping to work his way into his little piece of heaven in the country!!

I am betting that he makes it!!!

Fun, how back in the day, cash flow was never mentioned, we were all sustainable and it was a way of life not a job…A great way to raise a family…none of the  ” I am bored”…

***Photo of grandson Tucker helping with chores; he also raked and tedded some hay, perhaps I am losing a job (Carol)

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