Getting Close…

100_0085The deadline to get papers in for the fair is tomorrow  so my daughter Maggie ( who, along with her kiddos does a big share of the work at the fair ) came up tonight to get the list of animals I have to go this year!

I gave her eight possibilities which will most likely get cut back to the 5 or 6 range by the third week of August… Now that she is putting paper work in motion, I best get my ass in motion on things I hope to have for our display…

If you are planning to go to the Washington County Fair this year, come see us in Barn 2 and see what we come up with…

*** Photo of my Farmer with our oldest grand child Kaylah, showing a Brown Swiss…could have been her first year, not sure.

Other things getting close is first cutting hay! Have alot on the ground to bale up in the next couple of days…Then have just one field left at a neighbor’s which have been renting for a few years…

Oops, I forgot…just this year we took on more land up the other way ( Shaftsbury Hollow Rd.) Maybe 30 acres that has only been brush hogged the last 2 years! The new owner is fixing up a road up there this weekend.

Before getting to that, may do some second cutting first. This fall I hope to start plowing some of this new land for winter wheat  with the intent of planting corn next spring to slowly get this land producing at a high level again…

Even with the end of the season not being close as expected, I am not going to bitch, not with the way the haymows are filling up…

Add this with corn growing in leaps and bounds make this old farmer feel better than just a week ago! With me pulling a forget me not about the new acreage, the fair just weeks away, second cutting ready… even passing Brain Candy 5th grade math test…the percentages of a vacation are looking slim again!

Maybe time for some out of the box thinking. Even I am beginning to think, no time off in five years other than to be sick…not my choice, damned little trespassing tick…may be a bit much!!!





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