My Farmer and Me…A checkup!

Otis and Ophelia had a doctor’s appointment yesterday for a checkup and also to get their 1st feline leukemia vaccination and 1 other routine inoculation.

As you can see in the first photo they were a bit apprehensive at first but then gave in and started purring and going in and out of the small crate; they were content as long as I stayed within their sight…much like a real baby at the pediatrician!!!

Three weeks ago they weighed 1 1/2 lbs, and this time they were both at 2 lbs and 15 ounces, even though Otis is smaller than Ophelia when you compare their size.

They go all over the downstairs now, and have found some different sleeping places. The dogs like to keep up to them but they are too quick for them most of the time! In the other photo, Minnie is keeping her eye on Ophelia as she sits on the foot stool.

Our other cat Shivers, gets fed on top of my dryer so the dogs don’t bug him and Otis has figured out how to get up there, too. Ophelia hasn’t, so she just sits on the floor and cries until someone puts her up with him.

Have been very happy to have them here, a source of entertainment and much kitty love. I will try to get another video soon and more photos.


  1. Otis and Ophelia are two lucky kittens to have been adopted by you. I love to see their pictures and hear how everyone is doing since this adoption. Thanks for taking these two little kittens and keeping them together.



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