Awww, Shucks!

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In the last couple of days of this summer from hell, it has been breakdown time.The first ‘this sucks’ was the farm truck which we just had new brakes (pads) put on ; now it has sprung a leak and even new brakes don’t work without brake fluid!!! It still sits where Carol and Tucker…grandson…discovered no brake pedal!

What is scary is I had just used the  truck to go up to a field , make a repair and come back to the farm; down a hill with a stop sign at the bottom and they had worked fine…

The next thing was Carol’s tractor which I was driving of course,is now sitting out by the shop until we can get a new part…hopefully on MondayWhat happened was I took her tractor up to rake hay and when pulling the lever back into neutral after backing up…it just flopped around, leaving the tractor in reverse.

This lever only changes from forward, neutral and reverse. so I was able to take the transmission out of gear with the other shifting lever so…I got out and pushed the rake out of my way, then I was able to back the tractor all the way back to the shop where with it shut down was able to find the problem!

A nut has come off a swivel point that rotates a metal plate with grooves for the forward, neutral and reverse positions… The threads on the part where the nut is missing are pretty beat up so we will replace with whole new part…

This forced me to fire up my 4020 and go rake that hay!!!Surprise, I didn’t fuel up, just went straight to the field and on my last windrow just about 40′ from being done my favorite tractor started the putt, putt, I am out of fuel!

As I shut her down I knew full well the battery would not have enough cranking power to get her going again! After fetching fuel and a chain, Jeremy pulled me 20′ then 5′ more after I turned the key back on!!! (oops)

The old girl spit and sputtered her way back to normal in a couple minutes…

When getting back to the farm finally, finished unloading last 2 wagon loads of hay! With all wagons empty for tomorrow let’s hope this’ Mr. Fixit machine’ has played itself out for today…

Someone had that saying about variety…well for me variety sells a lot of ice cream but I’ll still order coffee…

***Morning glory in the door way to the milking parlor, nice sight first thing in the morning… Incidentally, Ed has already repaired my tractor, and I used it to rake hay this  a.m..(Carol)



  1. That’s why farmers have to be people capable of numerous skills. It’s too expensive to hire it all done. No time for boredom or much rest. But you know all that. They say things happen in threes. I’d say you are well beyond that. You’re the energizer bunny Ed.



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