They say I do my Best Work at Night…

1421Ed in blue2613_318411338512128_2509461036581121103_nLike me, everyone out there has had those nights; tossin’ and turnin’, arranging pillows, throw the covers off then pull them back on!

When finally crawling out of bed it’s like you just worked a double shift! In my case my Mr Fixit side does the overtime…

Like last night all those breakdowns had me pretty much down by day’s end! My head works on problems over night until I’ll wake with a  plan of attack!

This time it was Carol’s tractor, the truck and a leaking waterer in the free stall, kinda like pulling an all-nighter with a thirty pack!! Anyway, I awoke with a plan, looked pretty rough! One of those ‘rode hard and put away wet’ looks.

Regardless, you would have been proud of me!! Right after morning milking and before breakfast I crawled under Carol’s little blue tractor, tool in hand!!One  half inch tool and removed the piece minus of course, the lost nut!

Crawling back out from under the tractor I took the part into the shop over by the big toolbox, took some measurements then, with the proper instrument from my tap and dye set I re-threaded the shaft when to my nut storage bin and found an old nut of the right size..John Deere Vintage!!!

And how do I know that ?     Why the green paint of course!!! Next with the pride and nut in hand I crawled back under little blue, grabbed my one tool, the half inch and replace the newly threaded piece held in place with one John Deere green snug fitting nut!!

Job well done before breakfast, thanks sto a long night of preparation and a lot of ‘I think I cans’!!


  1. My husband works out things in his head too. He used to be a tool and mold maker and also fixes all our equipment, he is 84. Things where like that years ago you don’t throw anything away because you may need it some day. Glad your one of those guys.



  2. Playing catch up with your posts. This summer is on a dead run leaving little to no time for r&r. I hope someday a summer slows down enough to let me take a peek. I can’t comprehend how fast it must go for you. Glad to see you back on track. Need a visit to say hello.



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