Little Shit-heads…

20292974_4little darlings82970155389578_780626319424335055_nFor all those who are so happy for those kittens Carol brought back from the Open House — May I invite you to come and stay over night!!!???

At least once every night those two ‘so pretty little kitties’ will use you as a toy while lying there in bed!!! You’ll hear them galloping across the floor, scampering onto the bed, to pounce perhaps on your hand…Better yet, your face, then as you grab a pillow to hide under, they dive down under the covers where those little shit-heads attack your feet!!!

I have even worn socks to protect my feet from those little claws…doesn’t help!!!

So for everyone who is sooo happy we now have these two night time werewolves pretending to be kittens, please come visit…no spend the night…and you play guinea pig!!!

Damn their claws are sharp;speedy little lasers !!Zipping across the room, over the bed…I am dizzy plus sleep deprived! At my age youngsters in the house is an ‘aaawww shit-head in your hands, did I do that’ moment for sure!…Cute little shit-heads!!!!

***(Carol) I figure if they are bothering him they aren’t bothering me…Guess I need a kitty crate they can sleep in…on second thought, just make Ed sleep in a different room!!!! No worries, friends…we will figure it out.

***Regardless, it is a cute photo of the little darlings!!!!


  1. You need to retaliate and wake them up when they sleep during the day! I knew a friend who put her land line phone ringer on high, positioned it near where they slept during the day when she was out, and then called the phone all day. A couple of days of this, and they were sleeping through the night! Good luck! Hope this might help!



  2. That’s why none of our 6 cats sleep in our bedroom any more. They are past the werewolf stage but a couple like to eat anywhere between 3am and 6am, and jump on my head to wake me. The oldest gets nocturnal wanders and spends 5 min. covering something when she uses the litter pan-and then she wanders around a bit vocalizing. These days it’s just our dog who usually sleeps soundly on his bed who is in the room at night. >^,,^<



  3. Well, they certainly are growing up to be beautiful little creatures claws and all! Have you tried shutting your bedroom door at night???



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