A Sneaker Tale…

204sneakers31301_484612628558664_159047960647734558_nToday, Friday, our veterinarian and friend Dr. Jack Kittel came over for a combo herd pregnancy check/give shots to animals going to the fair…plus of course spending a few minutes swapping stories!

First we started with castrating 8 bull calves that didn’t sell for oxen, a couple of holsteins that were small at birth, so worth very little hence we raise them for beef and one slightly bigger bull that was sold then not, one of those deals!!!!

Next we did fair animals only four will likely go, more setbacks in my summer from hell!

Lastly before story-time, we pregnancy checked a few cows with a thumbs up on all but 1! YEAH! a bright spot! Then at last, it was time to shoot the shit. The top tale of the day was Jack’s sneakers!!! yes, he won hands down or should I say feet firmly planted on the ground…see photo above…in a like new, vintage 1968 pair of sneakers by Nike with original laces!!!!

How is someone walking around in sneakers about to turn 50 years old that look that good? No he wasn’t walking around doing the herd check in them alone, he had his big rubber boots over them, that is kinda’ why he started wearing them after all these years… they fit in the boots easily…

The how he has wearable fifty year old sneakers? In ’68 when he started college in Cornell and had bought sneakers to have for gym class, putting them in a locker…only to make the polo team so that took the place of gym, and four years gave him the credits he needed.

His next four years in vet school at Cornell kept his name in the system so that kept those vintage sneakers in the locker at the gym until a reminder came to him via administration to clean out that locker before graduation!!!

Now I have known Jack pretty much all of his Vet career here in the area! Other than the big rubber boots, it’s cowboy boots that he wears, so seeing him in these sneakers was priceless and the story with ’em shut this story teller down  to the point he had to write about it!!!!And besides, I got a blog exclusive on those sneaks!!!

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