Crap Shoot


2029gravel bed2714_483574821995778_7064499226277726734_nBack in 1988 we got into the ‘legal’ mining business when we went thru DEC and the process of getting a permit to mine sand and gravel on a parcel of out land.

At the time my father was found to have lung cancer and didn’t know how much his old co-op insurance would cover! Unlike today’s world of health care, it turned out to be very little paper work, easy peasy…they paid for everything…no hassle plus being very affordable. A year later he lost the battle!

The gravel business did produce something so we decided to continue and see what it would turn into…Back then we sold gravel for 25cents a yard which put in loads means those big dump trucks on the road today mot often carry 15 yard loads so we got 3.75 for a load…believe me, at our size we weren’t going to retire to Florida…

What it has done through the years is supplement our farm so we could continue at a small scale! Not without it’s pitfalls…the gravel business has given me plenty of headaches along with many losses! Not dictated by size both the small contractor and the large have left me hanging…

So often this began to happen back in the early 2000’s that shortly after the housing bubble burst sales went way down, in part of me  not wanting to sell gravel even though  had kept the permit current…Lets say over the last three years we have sold to a select few or done small jobs just in the area!

Well, this y ear demant seems to be on the increase as well the stress!So far it is not the money and definitely not the people the guys I’m dealing with are good people!!! It is hard to explain and maybe I just have to write it down to read back to myself so maybe I’ll understand.

Just guessing, but most likely I have been selling out of this pit longer than they have been contractors and each time I converse with one of them cause my theory is if they ‘re working and making money, so am I!!

But it is like mission statement, the plan, the drive, focus, just somethin doesn’t jive I hear wandering going on! Success ain’t easy! You need to work hard inflating what is…never works…What is…is!!

Maybe I am just gun shy, been bitten too many times but it still see;ms to get tougher with each new contractor in this I’m your best buddy world that comes calling. It is really hard for me to not beat myself up wondering if I did the right thing!!

Most likely because I keep my friends close and my enemies closer, especially in business; or isit just the old farmer in me who has lived with business partners like   USDA, Uncle Sam, processors and co-ops etc…for years where the norm is you’re last, sucker.

Regardless, that cloud that hangs over every load that leaves knowing it could sit where it was for thousands of years and not rot, most likely increase in value, I always stress over whether the ‘stories’ coming in with this contractor… will the story with me turn out?

No more horror films, please!!!Maybe a Disney animated happy feel good with lots of music…

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