Putz and Swiss18893370_456207604732500_5445523421317001087_nAs I have said in the past I’m not a TV watcher;get my news either by news flashed via radio or I check it out every so often on the computer.

Today I heard a blurb of flooding in Kansas City! With a niece and her family living in that area, I want to the computer to give a look-see!

All across the screen every headline was Trump,…blah..blah…!ENOUGH’ until those dingle berries and go-knots in Washington, ALL OF THEM, not just the Trumpster..does something I personally got more important things to do!!!

Middle kids act more mature than they do… ***also, to explain what dingle berries and do knots are, well an old farmer once told me the berries were thee round balls of shit on a cow’s tail, the flat ones are the knots!!! He went on to explain that  dingle berries hurt worse when they hit you up beside of your head during milking.

See, back then most people milked in a  stanchion barn so that meant squatting down next to the cow when milking!

Anyhow, still haven’t gotten full story on what I guess was flooding and what’s going on today in politics makes me think of shit balls on cows tails!!! Pretty clear now, why I stopped watching TV.

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