Moment of truth…

***photo at end…

With grand kid’s help doing certain chores along with some field, I got mower back together, well almost completely!!! Carol has to go us for one part I found broken, while putting things back together…

Also baled one field of second cutting finally…With luck, tomorrow morning should be the moment of truth on if my mechanic work was up to par!!! Plus have to unload wagons and bale more in the field where this breakdown began…

That is,  of course, only going to happen if my help works right along, since Tucker will be leaving in the afternoon …Boy do I wish he could stay for an extended time!!! I can see he is beginning to like the work!!!?That self satisfaction he is getting from being given responsibility and running with it…sometimes it is not all about a trophy or ribbon, but rather the sweat on your brow and seeing what you did!!!

It can be unloading that wagon load of hay or cleaning out calves in the calf barn…even fixing fence with Grumpy Grampy or rake a field of hay!!! It is going out there doing something you can see that serves a purpose! Makes those kids feel worthy with something they did, not from something they were given…

The reason I feel so confident in my approach, well, Tucker has told me he want to stay!!! Elephant in the room…although I am not his mother, I do vote for him staying!!!19702138_Tman and Coop472937413059519_3966262543916270229_n

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