My Farmer and Me — A helping hand

2059Tman and Tedder7152_486213911731869_8482734154196924784_nI have had a bit more time for myself the past couple of days…well, not really since I have stayed busy any way!!! My grandson Tucker, my daughter’s son came to help ‘grampy’ for a few days…

He did end up doing some of the chores I normally do as well as some field work, but all in all he is a very happy helper.

T-man as I refer to him, has come a long way from last year and has been a terrific worker. He never questions what is asked of him and is always looking for more to do. He has learned how to open and close the tedder, as well as ted hay …and has also raked some, with Grampy telling him it was a fine job!!!

Jeb, another grandson who is 11 is also here. He tries, but still has to work on sticking with the job and not finding everything boring. I have found that since T-man is here and usually busy doing something, Jeb will try a bit harder. I suppose the competition is a factor. Next summer he will be better…

Thanks boys…T-man, you have done well with learning to run equipment and are a great help.

***Tucker wiping grease off his hands before jumping in my tractor — when did he grow up?

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