My Farmer and Me — Getting there

corn and hay20479640_486213945065199_5077076305233083927_nThe sweet corn is taking forever to mature and the hay is waiting to be unloaded. This is some that T-man raked and Ed baled yesterday — very good smelling 2nd cutting!!!!!

I worked a bit in the garden today, but it is soooo humid. May have to go rake some hay if it is dry, while Tucker finishes tedding it. Hopefully the discbine will be up and running in a few minutes…I think…so that will be one less thing to harp on…Jeremy mowed the hay for us in the field that Tucker is getting ready. One less step for the old folks to do!!!

One Comment

  1. Carol, How fortunate you and Ed are to have grandsons, in fact, all of your grandchildren, who enjoy helping you out. I can feel the love they have for you and your love for them. A great blog as always. So glad all of your farm equipment is up and goinng.



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