DSC00414You got skills you, you make a hammer handle from scratch!~ What about make a wheel-barrel without the wheel but still transport say, a medium sized load of flat stones to make a foundation to build a shelter on!

These to me are skills the head and hand power to create!  It may be a shelter so as to protect yourself from the weather no and then, even a tin man or wind chimes, metal flowers that may decorate that dwelling…Or Jon and Maria’s place!

To me, taking this from inside one’s head to forming it together with your own hands is vanishing in today’s world. Those special people who, with a forge, anvil and hammer can take raw iron, turning it into a fork to eat with or a knife for protection…That tree is just a heat source to anyone but to that someone it is more!

In this ever changing world where robots milk cows, assemble cars as well as answer/entertain your skill-less, jobless time. With fair season in full swing, check out those hit and miss old engine displays, where there may be oxen or work horseseven those antique tractors…

At these and many other places you’ll see those older gentlemen sitting in lawn chairs chatting, not hollering, with each other…hearing loss…we, yell your way into a conversation on stories about their skills…

That word that people use to describe their day, BORED…skills change that, no boredom here…That one thing you saw done once that tickled your fancy!!!Find someone who does it and be their go-fer..learn the skills/slash ’cause when it is gone, it is gone!

Those old farmers also have skills, so I’ve heard…See you at the fair!!! Barn 2.

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