Dr. Jones…Indy!

20526second cutting hay375_486728505013743_3897752105674708305_nWith ‘pissed off’ being every one’s most popular mood of the day, I feel responsible to curb this world wide epidemic as only I can…

Lets get Harrison Ford out of his plane, tell him to put down that light saber, put the hat back on, slap an old six-shooter to his side…along with a bull whip on the other hip, find some young kid who can say Dr. Jones…some big, burly guy with a belly laugh of course…a beautiful lady…throw them all in a moat full of champagne in the desert…surrounded by Nazis, Missionaries and evil trophy hunters…all looking for Tom Brady’s Super Bowl ring!!!!! Whew!

Yes, let’s make another Indiana Jones movie!!A super hero without super powers!Just an ordinary guy in a hat! It should be part cowboy, a little Amish, definitely some Abe Lincoln with a Green Beret twist!!!

The ‘just in case’ six shooter used only as a last resort or to turn that dire situation into humorous!!!

But for me, it is the bull whip…and not just because I have one…I might add that I can use one; think the whip is that perfect accessory , steels the show, makes the women go crazy!!!

I can see it now…get-a-way chases on 4 wheelers , side by side… paddle boards, even a kayak!!

A zip line fight with Dr. Jones saving himself and the others with the bull whip, of course. With the football theme, can even assume Dr. Jones scores a touchdown with the love interest… as in the background, there be a belly laugh while the little guy says, “Ah, Indy”…

And Tom Brady walks back across the drawbridge to his castle, admiring what he thinks is his lost Super Bowl ring!  Always leave room for a sequel!!!!

Next time the world gets in this funk, we’ll steal his jersey!!! Nah, that’s been done…so by then it will be his cane or walker!!

***the cows are enjoying some second cutting we baled today, as a treat!!!

One Comment

  1. Thanks Ed. You certainly made me smile. We all can use a good laugh now and again. That is some nice looking second cutting. I can smell it now. The girls won’t look up until every last bit is gone.



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