My Farmer and Me…Now that is just Cruel!

Lobster20663671_487569468262980_8058135289101212745_nAs we told you last week, Jeremy and his family went to Maine for a 2 day getaway…they always bring back lobster for Ed and this year Jai did the honors of introducing me to them.

I put the pot of water on to boil while Jeremy and Allison were talking to Ed in the shop and Jai kept me company, said he wanted to see how I cooked them…

Well, when it came time to do the deed, Jai had made friends with the little darlings and when I showed him how to cook them..boiling water, 2 lobsters whom Jai may have already named…he said that was just cruel and said we should be able to hit them with a hammer or something, not just put them in the pot!

I know he was only kidding…at least I hope so. He knows what it means to raise your food but somehow picking out 2 wide eyed lobsters from a nice tank of water just isn’t the same.

Sorry Jai, but Grampy said they were delicious!!!

One Comment

  1. If you put them in a pot of cold water and put a towel on top then bring the pot to boiling, they just go to sleep and they don’t clench up like they do if you put them directly into the hot water. I love lobster.



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