My Farmer and Me — Tin Man II and a Bouquet…

With the rain last night and this a.m., my farmer decided to work on his Tin Man II and also some  more metal flowers. No work to do in the hay field!

I did a selfie with Tin Man, but I think I will hold on to that one. I do feel however, that this Tin Man is even better than the original one…can be found on Jon Katz lawn…this one seems to have more character.

We did a video after he went to the front lawn, but weekends are crazy for my internet…this morning I couldn’t send anything to Facebook, and tonight I can’t put up a video…same last weekend with Facebook! Will keep trying.


After he got TM II placed out front, he made another flower bouquet that he has been telling people about doing…Also think that came out well…If I can wrap my head around what he is making, then I can form an opinion! However, there have been a couple of things I just plain don’t see the way he does!

So tomorrow is another day, and will probably have to ted the hay he mowed yesterday, but I know what he will be doing if he isn’t mowing…Welcome to our very own version of Oz…


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