Meet Tin Man II…

My farmer has been busy in the shop today since it rained last night and the hay really has to dry now, finishing up Tin Man II. He called into the house and asked if I wanted to do a video. Sure…I like the way he gets excited about his art!

So he loaded up TMII onto a dolly and drove him out to the front of the house where he will invite people to come and see us at the fair in a couple of weeks. (sign to be made soon)

I think this one is very good…has character, good looks and even an oil can… Ed is hoping to get Scarecrow and Lion created to accompany TMII in the decorative part of our display at Washington County Fair. Maggie has ideas also, and always adds some gorgeous flowers along with her own artistic creativity…Should be great!!!


  1. What a fun tin man! Love the oil can. If you take that to the fair, better keep an eye on it.
    Can’t wait to see what Ed comes up with for Scarecrow and Lion.
    Carol, you could dress as Dorothy during the fair. Bet Ed has mentioned that already.
    I think Shivers wants to be included. How is his Toto impression? LOL



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