My Farmer and Me…Grandma’s Blessing roses…

20663694_Roses487569351596325_3928288896312025252_nI have not paid enough attention to any of my garden beds this year and I admit it!!! I really don’t know why, other than my energy level is lower that ever this year!!!

I sold some cucumbers the other day at our little veggie stand and hope the sweet corn will be ready in a week or so. I will have more tomatoes than ever, if they ripen. Maybe once things start producing I will be more dedicated…

I have some tall sunflowers that have come back thru dropped seeds from last year and I noticed my Grandma’s Blessing roses have blossomed still and got this shot looking thru the stalks of the sunflowers.

Perhaps will get to pick more produce in a day or two…none ready for today.. Have had 3 batches of green beans so far this season along with cukes.

Oh well, back to the barn, now.

Oh, by the way; my Farmer has been picking on me for having a ‘here Kitty, Kitty’ moment while videoing Tin Man II so would someone please comment on it so he will be happy? LOL







  1. Carol….don’t under estimate yourself! Your energy puts me to shame! I’m always amazed at how much you two can pack into a 24 hour day…☺ love those roses!



    1. Oh, believe me, it has been a big topic of conversation ever since he viewed the video…However, he didn’t know it was in there until I had it posted! I knew but just thought it was my way of showing that Shivers is usually not far away; also, our cockatiel in the house was chatting back to the bird on the wire!!! Thanks for the comment…it made his day!!!!

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  2. I live in central NJ and we are noted for our tomatoes. They need hot days and hot nights to ripen. Last night it was 60 degrees. Not good for ripening. Red ones are few and far between. I have picked several and they were delicious. Eggplants are plentiful, and the string bean crop has hit its high point. Waiting for some peppers to turn red and am enjoying the green ones. Found some new gadgets for deterring deer and it has worked. Both here in NJ and in your area things should start popping during the next few weeks.



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