14632827_344219895931272_5629904115405349980_nHave some small metal pieces in my eye from grinding , also got my thumb too close to the grinding wheel…the good part is that Tin Man II is complete…

I actually have the bodies cut out, ready for the arms and legs to be attached to the Lion and Scarecrow! Have many parts that will become arms and legs and a tail for the lion!

I need to sit down with some pictures to rap my head around and decide how I’ll put things together then go hunting thru all my stash to find the finishing touches!

I found what I felt was the right combination for the flowers, in a vase which is quite heavy, so is for sale for $70 plus shipping which will most likely be more than the $25 or so charged for shipping,,,I am sure this will be more…

Also still have 5 wind chimes…pictures on request…also for sale at $55 plus shipping … the Tin Man will stay here at Bejosh at least until all three are done, then we’ll see. We are also putting in an order for fair shirts; if you are interested in one and want more info…

***Taken while he was working in the shop last winter….

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