20638287_4Milking87798534906740_9070410897250799953_nThose alternative beverages filling up the dairy isle, namely rice, almond and soy beverages are labeled milk, while the courts will in time, decide what they’ll be called and where in the store they belong!

Now more proof from a study led by a Canadian pediatrician at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto showed healthy children ages 2 – 6 who consumed the alternative beverages were shorter than those that consumed real cow’s milk.

In the study the typical 3 year old was 1.5 centimeters (over 1/2 inch) shorter. The study followed over 5,000 healthy children and noted at this age this height difference is noteworthy!

The lead researcher of the study said more regulation on the sale of plant-based beverages is needed; also saying marketed as equivalent to cow’s milk, when they’re not…

Again a study showing milk is good… No, ALL real sugar, butter, etc…may not be the cause of this obesity problem!

Just thinking out loud, but does sitting on one’s dead ass play a part in ‘Wow, I’m 40 pounds overweight? Ya think a riding lawnmower with a cup holder to do a ten foot square lawn; a leaf blower for the one shade tree or lilac bush is really necessary? They call it real for a reason; real food, real work!!!

It is just too bad these results weren’t on one of those fake news places instead of only in Agriculture Magazine that only go to farmers like myself who already know the story of  REAL….

***The REAL way we milk our cows…

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