Went up to check some hay I mowed on part of a field…too wet to get at earlier! Whoops, then we got some heavy rains Sat-day so went up today knowing tomorrow  is rain again, so if this hay is going to make it today, ok, if not, I’ll be back Tuesday (today) after I  mow more since forecast is calling for dry stretch starting then…

The answer was no go for hay, still too wet, so with Tin Man II done and the fair closing in, I headed to the shop with plan in mind!

May I say progress was made, so much so, if tomorrow (today) is a rainy day, Scarecrow may be done; ready to meet the masses out front with Tin Man II! Possible to make another Kitty, Kitty video (come on Ed) and yes I’ll keep talking!!!

With 40 plus years of marriage, been there, done that moment!! Know question and right answer even before it’s asked, except too stubborn, so still giving wrong answers! That old, can’t teach an old dog new tricks syndrome I have…

Anyhow, my only question still rolling around in my upstairs, is the face I’ve made for the Scarecrow is just that that not scary, but made from things making it look kinda,say, goofy! Hope when complete, the face doesn’t show that yuck factor cause was not the intention!!!

Was thinking along the homemade scarecrow line where say, the gloves used for hands don’t match! Guess I have to wait till complete to see if the outfit I have for him matches the face!

Regardless, I have a backup plan for his face, in fact, I went out tonight (last night–are you totally confused yet?) before calling it a day and located something so just maybe have made up my mind on backup plan, just haven’t written it into tomorrow’s (today’s) plans yet…

Also today, my brother from another mother and most importantly Maria, came over to see Tin Man II but best part was sitting and talking about nothing special…Some of the best times I’ve ever had; how blessed and lucky to be friends with two such wonderful people…

***sorry for the confusion on days, I am behind again with getting the posts up on the Blog…so tried to “straighten ” it out as I went along…

***Photos are of Ed and Logan moving gate panels across the road to use when we get the dry cows  rounded up and get 3 of them back over here….as you can see, Logan got the short straw and the longer, heavier gate!!! — ( Carol)

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