sunflower20293042_482970338722893_1644768772184517008_nWhile driving over to have dinner with Jon and Maria tonight (last night) we went by many homes out here in the country who had put their garbage containers out to the side of the road for tomorrow’s pickup!

Bears, people…even coyotes, fox etc…can smell your garbage for miles!!! Seems everyone wants to live out here too, and the more people out here cuts down on their space, making for more contact!!!

Don’t set a place at your table by putting out your garbage overnight!!!

Another thinking point…why is our ag trading with Cuba going down…They’re 90 miles away and need food… In 2009 the U.S. had 42% or $570 million of world wide ag trade with Cuba…

In 2015 that went down to $180 million with some increase in 2016  to $245 million..  Damned close destination for all that corn, soybeans, wheat, beef, port, even eggs that could float down the mighty Mississippi across the gulf…Wham we’re there!!!

Hell,  bring back some of those vintage cars…I’ll take a 1952 anything, please.

Finally, think on this…why are so many lenders now pleading with the government to adopt a new long term Farm Bill that enhances USDA programs to prevent Farm Credit crisis! What, a strong Ag sector is important??

Wow, slap my forehead!!! Let’s count the states where Ag is the number one industry!  Even though you may not be in any type of Ag support it, cause our economy needs stron Agriculture!!

P.S.  Happy Birthday, Jon, my older brother from another mother if you bet the ponies today  just watch out for buses!!!

Also, I know garbage trucks come thru early, perhaps they need to think over country routes, also..

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