I’m a Do-er

Don’t expect me to call a committee meeting for help, or even go back and read directions! If I screw up I’ll just do it over again! Life is a one way ticket; time management to me is paramount! Especially since doing this farming stuff for real since the age of 7… By now they should have given me the gold watch and kicked my ass out the door!

So it’s pretty much money in the bank; if something on a creation doesn’t tickle my fancy …so over! This exact thing happened this morning right after breakfast when off came the head of Mr. Scarecrow!!!

May not sound like much to some…but that wrongly shaped head…too round…woke me up half a dozen times last night and had me tossing and turning!!! Like when I go to bed unsure sometimes…have a lousy night’s sleep and a real question of direction.

Sad part is I knew while working on Scarecrow it wasn’t right!! Just plain stubborn I guess but at least didn’t good workable daylight figuring out the problem; did it on downtime when I was supposed to be rejuvenating!! Always said rest was over-rated…

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