1392early fair0914_303083113378284_8648506253112118558_nWith the fair just over a week away, the excitement mounts along with stress of getting enough done here on the farm to spend some time up there ourselves. It is tough getting all the chores done in the morning then run up and try to enjoy the fair, only to come back for night milking and chores!

Have no idea back in the day when we would go back to the fair at night and stay over!! In those days we were 4-H leaders but also barn superintendents in the 4-H barn! Carol and I did just that for over 20 years. Seems as if we would be lucky to get three hours sleep a night!

Oh those parties!!! Lots of reckless fun! Many animals ran wild over a dare, maybe one too many beers. Some neighbors trying to move a camper…ask Mary, she’ll tell you one was wearing a red sweater, right Mary??

Thank goodness the kids knew how to behave…other than the snow cone machine incident…most of their antics were just that…antics!!! In all reality even the snow cone thing turned out more funny than harmful, looking at it today!!

In fact, if you ever see my son Chad, ask him “why not try to hide under a car?’ Best part was the sheriff involved was married to a relative, so when he got telling how bad the whole –let’s call it a prank–was, informed him on some of the things we did…yes, we…some of those ‘you can’t pick your relatives’moments  — you know some of those brain fart moments…relatives I was known to run with…Ah, hell! The beer is cheap and the laughs are plenty! Just as those 20 plus years at the fair were!

At recent fairs, we still laugh-a-plenty …with me that is a must!Would like to win, but in all reality, know it ‘s not in my game! Just hope with the effort and time we put in our exhibit, we it will catch people’s eye… they may stop, we’ll talk…just maybe their next milk purchase will be whole milk and perhaps some real butter!!!

Most likely no one will give me a ribbon or trophy for this, but to me it would still be one of the greatest fairs ever!!!

***The photo–Carol and I when during the time we were 4-H leaders and superintendents…we would show ( in this case, Milking Shorthorns) in the open class once in a while when we were bringing sometimes 15 animals. Just helped out our kids by showing, they didn’t feel so much pressure after the 4-H shows were over. Those were the days!!!

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