Clone, Please…

19030602_4595Ed and Tin Man24907734103_9133549679331096673_nAs we all know they’ve already cloned a sheep, so why not me? Mr Jack of all trades and master of none, willing to try just about anything short of flying!!!

Just think…on days like today when Carol had Dr. appt and was only able to rake one field before she had to leave…with a clone on a day like that, after baling that field, had to rake the next one before I baled it! Instead my clone would have it all raked!

In fact maybe even two clones, one could have stayed at the farm doing chores, maybe even finishing touches on the Scarecrow!!! Maybe even two at the farm keeping the manure spread…those cleanup and repair jobs that need to be done before cold weather sets in!!!

Could even have two out in the fields with me…have tractors enough and if they’re my clones they’d be trustworthy, with a high work ethic!!!

So let me see…two me’s full time right at the farm doing what I do, milking, chores, repairs, creations and so one!!!Then two with me in the fields for hay, corn, planting season, fence fixing, etc…

Four me’s to make what I do now! Makes this I scared sounds way too much like a gov’t job and we know how screwed up they are, with every one pulling in different directions!!!

Way too much stress for this…I to handle nix the clone idea cause if you want something done right, do it yourself!!!

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