My Farmer and Me…Debuting Scarecrow…

Ed finished up Scarecrow last night and we both put patches and ties along with the old straw on him this morning so he could go out and join Tin Man II.

I have got to admit that Scarecrow is impressive!!!Glad my Farmer has this hobby to keep him sane!!! Which in turn keeps me sane!!! Ha…

Would appreciate any feedback you may have regarding either character about changes/improvements you feel necessary!


  1. Wow – You two are mulitalented!! If I were closer I would certainly come to the Fair. I enjoy your blog & seeing your creativity, patience & farming abilities. Mary Ann



  2. Tin Man 2 and the Scarecrow are the best yet!
    You’re perfecting your art Ed.
    I can’t wait to see what’s next.



  3. Wow, this is the best, I like him just the way he is. Can’t believe you can make these characters. Can’t wait to see the lion. Good job!!!



  4. Scarecrow looks great. Maybe a crow on his shoulder or a broom or rake in his hand would add a little something Keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog.



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