My Farmer and Me…It is going to rain…

Because we had no hay ready for today, I have spent the day getting ready for our milk inspectors to come sometime during August. It is just a routine inspection (quarterly) but we do try to be better than just passing…It is pass or fail or re-inspect in ? days. We try to so something extra that will get noticed even if it is only a coat of paint on something.

After the work in the milking parlor, I came in to start dinner — green beans, lettuce, cucumbers and potatoes (Ed dug one hill to see how they are doing) along with some of our farm raised steak.

Well, in the middle of washing the potatoes and lettuce, my Farmer comes in and said he hated to bother me (oh sure) but it was time for another video; he had a grin from ear to ear so I was a bit skeptical…

When he headed out front and said he wanted some of the black sky to start the movie, I kinda knew what was up…I was very close in my thinking!

By the way, he was right…it is pouring right now…I have to do my chores and I don’t even have an umbrella but I do know where to find one!!!

One Comment

  1. These two look perfect cannot wait for the lion. Have fun at the fair, wish i was closer i would come and say HI :))



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