Lets Go Farming (Dairy)

Sunshine_nFirst off, I would like to welcome those jumping on our Blog through email…for those of you who are not receiving an email that says we have put up a new post, if you would like to just click on the folder to the far left side of the website and enter your email address. That simple…Our number of followers as well as those that may read only so often continues to grow… Thank you.

Hopefully we can make your day, while providing important info!!! So lets go farmin’, dairy style…First your days will average about 15 hours, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year…unless maybe you freshen all your cows to have a seasonal herd.

You won’t milk for a couple of months a year, so those days during that time may be say, twelve hour days!

Your choice…free stall or tie stall…a parlor which you can also have with a tie stall…or a pipeline milking system!

Large or small…being bid enough to have help which in theory gives you time off…just remember they don’t have a nickel in it…in short, more stressful, longer days! Many say they’ve got a good crew…great guys…hard workers; which I don’t disagree with, but…still don’t have a nickel in it!!!

It’s late, got that one cow to breed or calf that didn’t drink well…I know what I’d do!

Are you putting up feed or buying…AKA mechanical…able to still pull all nighters…or a good negotiator!

What breed would you choose…are you a volume person, maybe components or a combo? New wave organic or plain Jane?

Now you have made some basic decisions…some things that you’ll love to hear…Your milk check for what milk you are makin’ now comes in a month…and what price you are going to get, you don’t have a clue…even better you have no say in what it’s going to be..

USDA decides that…plus they’ll take out advertising dollars for their ideas…money out for picking up the milk at the farm and taking it to the processor (yeah…sounds fair, right ?)

Here’s some breaking news before jumping in whole hog…Milk prices to the farmer are forecast to go down as much as $2. Now we get paid per one hundred pounds which right now is at about $17 range/hundred weight.

100 lbs of milk equals about 13 gallons…so lets keep track of how low what you pay in the grocery store goes…

The next USDA Dear John letter I get, I’ll let every one know exact figures that they say is my cut from what you pay at the store!!!

So until then, every one can mull over at what level they wan to jump head first into farmin’ dairy style….or just follow the blog, get those emails…Carol and I can give you a firsthand account on it…

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  1. WOW!!!Well done Ed. Agree with every word you said but one comment really rings true to me – “ they don’t have a nickel in it. “ You have to care about each animal in the herd and know each one of them so you know when something needs to be taken care of. Only a rare worker will do that. So your life is also filled with the unknown. You have little control about what may happen each day to an animal or a piece of equipment. You have no control over what you are paid for the milk. A farmer has to love it because your rewards aren’t monetary but you do get to live with nature and some amazing animals. So my guess it that you both do it for the love of it. Thank you for sharing.



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