Play Dough (doh)

Ed nI’ve seen it many a time before…after a good cold snap , warms up a bit…there is some frost in the silage, even some small chunks!

With some cows they chew up a chunk or eat frosty silage…oops…loose manure!

Now, with our smaller numbers it is normally not a problem with cows going in the parlor while milking…except, as you’ve most likely guessed, during the frosty silage time we’re in!

Result is the milkers get covered…I get covered, the walls, floor, even a dog or two…if they’re within splatter range!

By now you’d think I’d just turn my back and walk out of range…get a pail of water and douse the problem!

Summertime that is fine, except frosty silage in summer runs in that slim to none category and just throwing water around this time of year can lead to problems…seems cows are really bad skaters…

So we keep some old rags to clean things up until after milking…then we can put the milkers down lower in the pit where we stand and throw water around knowing we have means to keep it from freezing.

Thing is this rag clean up method during winter reminds me of playdoh and I didn’t much like that stuff either…

Real dirt, sand, even grease…fun stuff!!! Real toys like Tonka trucks…the metal ones which still have…those Lincoln Logs, small figurines of blue and gray from the Civil War, cowboys and Indians, farm animals…really hated when they made them different colors — blue pig, red rooster, yellow donkey…come on…those metal buildings with the little tabs you bend over to hold them together…really sucked!!

Small pieces of wire or stove bolts bent just right, held better…hell, even back then we could modify!

I have a half dozen trunks full with this type stuff!! Now that would be one hell of a stroll down memory lane… or even better…a week’s worth of show and tell…just don’t touch, grand kids!!!

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