No Gloves…

peacocks_nWith this two day spring we’re getting it was balls to the wall…get as much piled up frozen manure spread as possible!

What does that mean?…Breakdowns…Thank God for the torches! A hose on the hydro tailgate blew…no problem…bolt an iron on to hold it open…

Next, one side of the now locked open tail gate breaks off …Again, no problem…torch that sucker and take it completely off…it now sits on the ground in front of the shop…Wow, now this New Idea 3637 looks like the old one-ten’s from back in the day!

Because the spreaders have aged…like me…and the bed chains are slightly worn I never load heavy…but the big frozen chunks from the tops of the piles can be set on the tail end, over the beaters to slowly start the spreader and dump a load before spreading a load…

Does make the field look different…big frozen icebergs of shit plopped all over! Then…on load 3 or 4 noticed the bed chain was looking loose…so took a link out, tightened it back up just like a Nascar  pit crew…all with no gloves and yes its not as easy as it sounds…but it did go quite smooth other than my wet ass from sitting in the snow!!!

Oh…for a fancy, heated shop…But if that was the case it wouldn’t have been a pit stop fix!!!

Finally at days end, made it down cellar to fix the drain so Carol can take a shower and wash her hair…see, I do get to things…just maybe three days late!!.

***Phil and Ms Kaye on a hay bale…Comfy and cozy for now!!!***


  1. You guys are amazing and inspiring. Every sip of milk I take has much greater value now that I read your blog and better understand what it takes to get it from cow to shelf. Thank you for all you do.



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