My Farmer and Me…Leaving together…

Ethel and Sadie_nPsst…Sadie…I know something that you don’t know….

Oh sure you do, Ethel. It isn’t  different from any other day… You march about this barn like you owned the place…

I give our farmers an egg every day; a double yolked one, no less..What do you do for them?

Well, I entertain them…and for the fun I give to them…I get a lollipop, cracker, carrot or apple…See I also earn my keep around here…just like you.

So, you want to hear my secret???

If I must, let me have it!!!

Well, Hugo and the little guy are going to be leaving together…new home with a real nice lady and man. They came just to take the little guy, but when they saw Hugo they asked if they could buy him too!!!

Well, Ethel, that is great…perfect for those two. Isn’t it great when these kind of things happen…a happy ending when you least expect it!!!Leaving together!!!_n

Yup! But I am happy for the farmers too…no worrying about keeping or selling him  at auction…A great home is what he needed, and a bonus to go with the little guy!!!

Oh, yeah my friend…A great day…ya’ gotta love it!!!


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