My Farmer and Me…Perhaps a new Home…

two baby boys_nI took this photo this a.m. after feeding these two…For someone that isn’t familiar with the difference that can take place before birth in cows, they are good example…The big boy on the left is 8 days old, while the little one on the right is almost two weeks old.

The large boy was born to Elf, a cow…relatively large girl…but when she had this big guy (Hugo) on her own we were shocked…Took both of us to move him; Ed says he probably weighs close to 160lbs.  A first calf heifer had the little guy on her own, also.

Hugo has a large frame and is very strong…believe me…he has knocked me down a couple of times when I feed him…simply by butting into the pail!! I think I want to talk Ed into keeping him if no one else wants him, though. He had a tough time getting up on his feet…took 3 days before he tried.

Now his ankle joints are stronger and he can get up on his own and can stand for quite a few minutes…

The little guy with the blanket on is probably going to a new home today…a friend has an animal(beef) that lost her calf at birth but needs one to stay on her and drink her milk for a while…thinking he would do well, as he is still on a nipple pail and fresh milk.

Hoping this will all work out…perhaps I will change my mind about Hugo staying…especially if he continues to push me around…time will tell. It is just so hard to put them on that cattle trailer to go to auction…

One Comment

  1. I’m with you, Carol. Hugo is one very handsome boy. I would also have a hard time putting him on a trailer to go even though I know that has to happen sometimes. Swiss babies make me melt.



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