Was Working…

Blustery Barnyard_nThat blanket of snow that we’ve had here at Bejosh seems to have done it’s job. Many of the fields are now mostly bare, with no big puddles of water in low spots.***However, this photo is from this morning with more blustery weather in store for most of the day…about 8 hours after Ed wrote this post, last night (Carol)****

This all leads me to think there wasn’t much frost in the ground…so all the rain and snow melt was able to soak in instead of flowing all over, flooding!

Still have problems with ice jams but far from big time problems we could have had if not for the snow blanket!!!

If you are like me, you pushed that blanket up around your house…not scraped it off the ground over water lines and made us of Mother Nature’s comforter!!! Lets just hope she doesn’t turn the air conditioner back on to low now that we’ve lost our blanket…cause on average, January 17th is normally the coldest day of the year…just hopefully not this year!!!

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