From the lighter side…

34382051_627713547581904_3248484968002748416_nMy Farmer wrote this after eating at Bob Evan’s tonight before checking in at Holiday Inn…

From Ed…

Nope…they ain’t takin’ my sense of humor,,,,so here is some things I have noticed that even I laugh about:

Toilet seats are way too low… all doors should be those self opening jobs…

Elevators do beat the crap out of stairs…Booths at eateries need to be a little higher, with more cushion and level, not sloped backwards!

Most isles are too narrow with too much junk in them…Wet floor signs should say come back later… bed sheets are tucked in way too tight.

Housekeeping carts should not have bug spray on them when you pass by after spending the night (This was at the little out of the way hotel we stayed at the night before we went mud-boggin’) They should meet you in the parking lot and hand you the can…Kinda called free advice.

Don’t try to serve breakfast if there is a Cracker Barrel, Bob Evan’s or hometown restaurant next door.

Mood lighting above the bed is not necessary, at least for me ( Carol thought it was nice, though)

I did enjoy the big TVs…watched baseball and softball games while Carol enjoyed the mood lighting!!




  1. I agree totally with every single point and laughed with you. Sometimes when I can’t get my cart through the aisles at the grocery store because of all the junk I don’t laugh though. 🤬 But you’re right – we have to have a sense of humor about the little annoyances. In the end they really aren’t big deals.
    I’m thinking the best part of the trip, besides all of the amazing people you both met, was getting to spend quality time with each other. ❤️



  2. Ed, You are still a hoot & remind me so much of my Farmer also. Keep your spirits up & give out all your good advice!! You two are blessed to have each other & the laughter!! Hang in there. Mary Ann



  3. Ed I agree on the booth are too low for my weight and you get treated right with Holiday Inns love big screens I am glad Carol went mud driving. Enjoy your ride home.



  4. Tried to “Like” this times 2.
    Made me smile at 3:45am. Heading out to deliver that milk of yours. 😁



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