I Call It Self-Preservation!


Last week we enjoyed some pretty nice warm days…for some that was about the only enjoyment they had…. The CoronaVirus has caused everyone to make a big decision; self quarantine or take some big chances. Not just for ourselves but for the world.

I prefer to call my decision self-preservation. I am blessed to be able to go outside and take a walk if I choose; alone most of the time but I don’t bother anyone else due to the Bejosh properties that are large enough to get away on and enjoy the fresh air. Sometimes Putz (in the left picture) will tag along which is good for her as well as me. Only problem there is the darned ticks!

Not doing any shopping to speak of due to being blessed with farm grown meat and milk. Just pick up necessities…No TP to be found, though I do have some!!!. But sticking close to home is the best for all of us at this time.

Oliver, the yellow kitty in the window and Odie, the black one under him (I know you have to look really hard to see him, but he is there) are watching the birds at the bird feeders. The kids got these two barn cats last fall from farm friends Jay and Terry Andrew…Basically for keeping the mouse population down in the barn which they have done rather nicely.

My sidekick…

Our dogs are part of the family in our hearts. Unfortunately,  Grissom is battling with some fatty tumors in his chest and along the underside of his is body. I was told by 2 different vets that they could not be removed because they are too close to his heart, even when they were only the size of an egg. They have grown fast since my Farmer passed and are taking over his body now.

Now he is experiencing some breathing issues once in a while and is coughing too.

Grissom n

Last night was a good night. I have been sleeping part of the night in the recliner so I can hear if there is a problem and since he cannot go up the stairs to bed with me.

He seemed to sleep for a longer period of time without any problems but I know the days of relative good quality of life are numbered now. It breaks my heart because he is one of the youngest ones I have now and has pretty much been my constant companion.

He used to love to ride on (in) the tractors with me, especially my cab tractor when doing hay in the hot weather; we both enjoyed the AC!! And there wasn’t much room in that tractor for the two of us. Once in a while he would get out and chase crows and field mice but the AC was so inviting!

So if you have a minute and if you are so inclined, please say a little prayer for my big guy. I would really appreciate it…and perhaps for Lovey, too. She has developed some tumors on her belly.  She is older and is having no problems yet.

Thank you so much.

On to more fun stuff!!!!


Jai and Skylar got busy (along with Dad and Mom) boiling some sap for a couple of days. Not sure how much they ended up with but it sure will be good on homemade pancakes and french toast.

These kids are what makes this lifestyle so worthwhile…they have done things that most children their ages wouldn’t think of doing. And I think they could make it through the worst of times; just being together and putting what they have learned in life so far to use in sustaining a healthy lifestyle is most important, especially today..

Skylar and Jayda's Art Work

Also, Skylar and big sister Jayda painted one of the steer skulls we have. They researched some Native American symbols to put on it. As soon as it gets hung up I will get some better photos, but I think it is very pretty and tells a tale of it’s own.


Last week was a good weather week for the most part…

Last week's sun I took this last Monday from my living room window…I guess I was thinking I would compare it to one from last spring but never did. The Corona thing got in the way. Changing my intention (as of yesterday) I took another one of basically the same area, again out the window, but look, things have changed…


This week's snow Yesterday we got a pretty heavy snowfall. When I looked out the window this morning I noticed the 3 little birds in the tree, center, and was wondering what they are thinking…I did try to get as close as my trusty phone would zoom out!!!

You see, we as humans are not the only ones dealing with our own forms of adversity. I am certain these little beings are wondering ‘what in the devil is going on here with all this cold, white stuff again after some pretty nice days?’

So much so that  they cleaned out the bird feeders that I refilled over the weekend in anticipation of the snow.  Supposed to be around 48 degrees today and I am going to refill them yet again for those little friends. And because the cats in the window don’t venture out to this side of the barn (yet) I am sure they will be safe eating at those feeders in front of the barn and milk house.


Okay, okay….I have shared enough for now.

I ask that we all look for something good in our lives today…family, friends.

I am especially blessed to be the mother of 4 and Grammy to more. I do fear for their health and safety…

Believing the plan for this life has already been set by the Almighty or whom ever you may believe in, is my anchor in this time of chaos in the world. I think we all need something to believe in.

Staying true to our faith is essential to me…And yes, we all have those things we think are contributing to our safety and well- being…the unseen, unheard powers and feelings.

I ( and I speak just for me) have a very special power watching over me and helping me stay safe along with my God….


Our Guardian Angel My Farmer, the love of my life is watching over me and our family. Despite what we have been through, the good and the bad, he is guiding me through this . I feel that one day we will all stand tall as a loving, caring group despite life’s curve balls…My Farmer wouldn’t have it any other way.

Everyone needs something to believe in…

So until next time stay safe and healthy. I am counting on it.

LOVE AND PRAYERS FROM BEJOSH FOR EVERYONE OUT THERE…especially for Melissa my sister and Bill, a close friend…and those who have a special need.

Until next time…Love you Farmer!!!!

P.S. Sorry for this but I want to share….

I just heard from my daughter that the results from the blood work my grandson had done last week just came back…because of his auto-immune disease he has some very bad days at times and with the latest pandemic he was tested for the virus (no results yet) and some other things…platelets, red and white cell count, organ functions…as usual the list goes on simply because he was having some of those bad days and lost a good amount of weight, had high fever and very enlarged lymph nodes.

But this is what is kind of a “normal” for him…good days and bad days and even worse days at times.

Any way, he is going to an ENT surgeon today (they were thinking of doing a biopsy on the lymph nodes before all this virus stuff) and also had more blood work done this morning to make sure he is getting better…he says he feels much better and the fever has come back down.

As I said before I am working with my daughter now but not for the foreseeable future so I don’t see them face to face to be able to tell you how he looks…but I know he and his immediate family can use some positive vibes and prayers if you so choose… Thank you….


Rudy and his Lion                          Remember Rudy????  July 2016




  1. Carol, it was nice to hear from you. You and your family are In my prayers. I love all the pictures you posted. Hope you are well and safe. Take Care and write again when you can. I’ll pray for all of your animals.



  2. So lovely to hear from you. Of course I will pray for you and your family, these are trying times. Love hearing an update. All the best to you, family, the dogs and all the animals. Stay well and safe, Susie



  3. I was glad to hear from you. Glad your doing ok. Sorry for Grissom…our furbabies mean so much to us. TP big problem where I live too. Stores are sold out of so much. Keeping you and your family and your furbabies in prayer. Take care and God Bless.



    1. I had our large animal vet (cow) look at him when I first discovered them and with her diagnosis being so glum I took him to our dog and cat vet where he did a scan and told us the same thing…Too much involved and way too close to his heart. Said he would be most concerned with too much bleeding.
      Thank you for caring. Be careful and stay safe…



  4. Glad to see the blog today. A lovely change from what I see on the news. Prayers being said for you and your family and all your animals! Be safe!



  5. So glad to see a post from you as I had been thinking of you and your family during these unsettling times. Glad that you are well and things sound like they are better for you. Love the pictures of your animals and will certainly keep them in my prayers. Stay safe❤️



  6. These certainly are crazy times we are currently in! My hope is that we all have enough patience, and willingness to do as requested for the good of ourselves and others. I do think that most of us in the US will have a greater appreciation for the freedoms we experience every day of our lives once we have passed through this viral time. Take care of yourself and the 4-leggeds!!! Much love.



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