If You Can’t Dream…

Yesterday afternoon I was in a small convenience store and overheard ( with several other people) a 30-40ish woman who turned out to be talking to her mother. Long story short the Mom was saying how she wanted to add some things to her Bucket List and the daughter seemed to be chuckling and poking fun about it. Mom spoke up and said everyone has dreams. “Come on Mom you are too old for that” was the reply she got.

At that point, disregarding the 6 foot distance rule, the woman behind me tapped my shoulder and asked if I had heard that and how thoughtless it was, as the older woman just hung her head. Of course neither one of us said anything but I am sure everyone in line heard the Mother-Daughter exchange.

Of course you all know where this is going…I am probably older than that Mom was and I certainly have dreams. Thinking that I am too old for such things is absurd. I hope and pray I never lose the ability to dream and go to that place, in each of us, where we can be happy…with great expectations beyond belief.

Am I wrong? Don’t we all have dreams we know are out of reach…but for some brief moment just those thoughts that fill the dreams seem to fill us with joy that we don’t quite understand.

Make believe moments…they can make the difference between a day full of dread and one that takes us to happy thoughts. I know that is what gets me through sometimes. The what-if’s can be all it takes.

Maybe I’m crazy thinking this way but the make believe moments, the what-if’s and the dreams are our go-to places when we feel overwhelmed or lost. At least it works for me…and I have to say that my Farmer had a bucket list and dreams. I think, no, I know, that the dreams helped get him through many days. But that is for another post…


Now let’s move on. I had a great lunch today with two of my granddaughters, Logan and Olivia. Both are UAlbany students and studying virtually.

Logan is recovering from a stroke she had last December while practicing with her UAlbany women’s basketball team. Thank God her trainer recognized what was happening and called 911 immediately. When she got to the hospital they were able to treat her for a stroke and kept it from becoming worse.

Her left side was affected; fortunately her arm has come back about 90% but the leg is taking longer. She is such a strong and determined young woman and it is a blessing to know she is dedicated to being back with the team as soon as she can.

She was with the girls yesterday by invitation from the coaches (the pandemic plays a big part in getting together there) and that was definitely good for her. They laughed and joked which I think they all needed…and everyone was able to see how far she has come. I can only imagine what they were all thinking after Logan left in the ambulance that day.

She is on the mend now and she will get there. It will just take time and patience. Olivia is a big part of her support system and helps in any way she can. It is good for both of them.

I pray for a full recovery for Logan. Your prayers are welcome, too and I will post updates on Logan’s progress.


I realized the other day that my Facebook friends knew we lost Sadie Goat but that the blog followers didn’t. We lost her late last Fall… November. Unsure what the cause was but she had slowed down quite a bit, staying in with the calves more than spending time out in the free stall with the beef cows and heifers.

She had been at the back door as usual for her favorite Fig Newton and some crackers the evening before she passed. It had gotten to be an every second or third night ritual to come to the door when I let the dogs in…nothing seemed different. She wandered off back to the calf barn as usual.

She had laid down out by the clothesline and passed away there the next morning.

Grandson Jai got to work in the matter of an hour or so of her passing, on a stone to mark her grave which would be out by the milking parlor. He worked on it whenever he had a few extra minutes and a few days later he said it was finished. He took it out and placed it on her grave giving me permission to take a photo (he isn’t crazy about photographs).

I told him I was going to finally write about it tonight and he said I could use the photo so you could all see his handiwork! I think it is beautiful.

Jai’s Handiwork

I know he took great care in grinding the stone and carving Sadie Goat’s name in it. Quite a labor of love!!

Well, it seems like we have been getting a bit of snow every day lately. The temperature is up in the high 30’s to low 40’s during the day and oh, how good it is to go outside and actually feel the warmth of the sun.

I know I have been rambling on with this post so I will close for now. The cats are sprawled on the dog bed and the dog is curled up on the rug. Oh, by the way, I have another kitty. So there is yet another post story…I guess I am going to be busy!!!

I will be back soon…

Take care and stay safe…I love you Farmer..


  1. It’s so nice reading your blog postings again. I’m 73 (for just a few more days!) and I still have my dreams and my bucket list. I know some of them are realistically out of reach because of that age “thing”, but they’re still on my list!! In our dreams we are never too old, too young, too poor, or too whatever to have our dreams. Shame on the young woman for ridiculing her Mom for hers! I’m with you, we are never “too old” to dream! So sorry that your goat passed away, your Grandson did a beautiful job on her memorial stone. Glad that your Granddaughter is on the mend. Thank you for sharing with us.



  2. Carol glad you are blogging again. Missed you . I’m sorry about Sadie Goat that was a beautiful tribute. I don’t think your ever to old to dream. Looking forward to your next blog. Am glad your granddaughter is getting better and sorry to hear that she had a stroke . I’ll remember her I my prayers. God Bless you .

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  3. What a wonderful tribute to Sadie Goat in this beautiful headstone. She is getting her Fig Newtons and crackers from her Farmer Ed now. Best wishes to Logan as she recovers. The girl in the store that you overheard was very thoughtless and cruel. Keep dreaming, Carol.



  4. Saying prayers for Logan to grow stronger each day and to fully heal. Your grandson’s stone to honor Sadie is wonderful. What great young people your grandchildren are—you must be very proud.

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  5. I think Jai did a beautiful job on that headstone and Carol, I think I see your Farmer in that handsome young face.

    Thank you for your thoughts on dreams. It came at just the right time for me as only minutes before reading this I was thinking that my long time practice of running might be coming to an end. A slight injury and the cold weather, tough for me to get out there, but reading your post has inspired me to not give up but persevere, slowly if necessary but to stick with the dream, which is simply to keep running. Again, thank you.

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  6. Hello again Carol….As usual, loved your post. Sorry about your goat. I hate losing animals but it is part of nature. Happy you are staying busy and are spending time with the family. We just are getting out of this awful Texas mess we were in with ice and snow. Lost a couple of friends but we are tough and will get back. Take care and look forward to your next post. Love ya, Sally Garcia

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    1. I am part of a group of women in Agriculture and have read quite a few posts about the nasty weather down there. Of course our animals are used to that sort of weather and my heart went out to those animals with snow and ice with the look of ‘What the heck?” You take care and hang in there. Positive thoughts and prayers sent for you and others down there.



  7. So so sorry to hear about Sadie……I missed your blog the last few months. So glad you are blogging again. Sorry to hear about your granddaughter too having a stroke. They can get you at any age. I was 34 when I had a TIA stroke. Life is always throwing a curve ball at you sometimes. Prayers for her to fully recover. Take care.

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