My Farmer and Me…Just as it was!!!     

When I went out to grain the bulls Tor and Mongo, Tor was in the next yard with two other smaller ones…

So I grabbed my phone out of my pocket to video what I thought he would do…sure enough…he came when I called to him and jumped right over the fence that divides his pen from the next one.

Not one of my better video moments; I was watching him instead of making sure the camera was getting the right moment!

So I guess I have to admit that Ed isn’t the only silly, foolish and crazy person around here…the laugh says it all, but at least I did get the jump that I was hoping for!!!

Actually, Jeremy and Ed dared me to put this up!!!

Mainstay and Ignorance…

Those were the attributes my father always said you needed to get things done!! Like a good Gulley I’m able to muster plenty of both when needed!!!

Like with the bagger repair and the last couple days with bearing repair on the chopper head. Problem seems to be my body doesn’t bounce back as fast as my mind!!!

During the multiple repair days, find myself not taking time to eat and even worse I never drink enough being so, over focused on task at hand…

Then night comes along with the dehydration leg cramps…could kick myself in the ass..Keeps me up for hours, not to mention the bruised body (but no black and blues) and cut up hands!!!

Have found that ultra-hot showers are the only thing that works!!! Now in my third day of walking around looking like I have a corn cob driven in my ass!!

More bananas plus water,blah, blah, blah!!! How come this never  bothered my when I was a youngster? Had more mainstay and ignorance back then…Now I pick and choose the jobs to use it on!!!

I am so much older and smarter now, damned it all!!!














My Farmer and Me…OOPS…

22490213_Parts518337185186208_2130842370194766371_nWe just don’t seem to get a break (only the bad kind) this chopping season!!!…Yesterday, Ed started chopping while waiting for Jeremy, and a bearing broke where the corn is pulled into the chopper (gathering chain) and was another challenge…

Fortunately, my Farmer has a lot of parts in ‘storage’ for just this kind of thing! He had it all apart last night and is working on it as I write this. If it isn’t right, Jeremy will chop with his chopper and Ed will unload into the bagger…I will draw wagons.

Would be wonderful if we could afford to get a new(er) one, but can’t right now. Our property taxes have been a challenge this year and need to catch up…my fault, let some go in 2014 when I had the heart surgery and Ed was doing all the work. Oh well, we will get them paid, come hell or high water…

Perhaps this is what is bothering me…I am not sure. Any one have a quick fix???

Name picking…

With Minnie Wheeze having a nice heifer calf, it is now our turn to pick that special name!!! One that goes with the personality she shows us!!

So far the little time we’ve spent with her it’s been her just laying there, so our minds have kinda’ jumped all over (maybe just mine)!!

Some of the names we’ve come up with are Autumn, to go with the time of year…to me she just looks like a Betsy!!! Lots of trying to tie in the ‘eeze’ in, for example, Da Zeeze!!!

But for me my favorite so far is Giblets!!! With my favorite holiday coming up it sounds right!!

Besides, normal I am not, so this would give me Atta-Tude, Wanda and now Giblets; Brown Swiss heifer calves born in the last six weeks with I think, 8 more due before the end of the year!!!

Damn, how good would that be if they all had heifers!!! Ultimate Christmas present!!! And yes, we name everything like that last calf that was born the day that Charlotte and Dan Tullock came visiting,,,to say a special thank you to the Tullocks, I took the first letter from their names and call her CD with which she comes running to me every time I call her at feeding time..

the other plus is C never had a bottle, she started drinking out of a pail, day one!!Pretty neat she knows her name and skipped the bottle…must be the Tullock good luck!!!

My Farmer and Me…The Pied Piper!!!

After Mini Wheeze calved in the barnyard earlier, the cows were being nosey, kinda’ touchy – feely with the calf, so Ed did his usual cow call and they all followed him to the pasture.

The guys still wanted to keep chopping so I put the cows in the holding area when it was time to milk again, and had Ed help me get Momma and Baby in from the barnyard. She is a cutie…

They chopped until almost dark, then Jeremy came in to give me a birthday hug while I was finishing up…I don’t know why, but today was hard on me, I guess. No other kids around came, and I understand…did get a Jaiboy hug, though. I guess there is always next year???


My Farmer and Me…He Got a Heifer!!

This morning Mini Wheeze came through the parlor with the milk cows and Ed said she had a twinkle in her eye and gave him that stare!!!  Ed said then and there she would have her calf today…

I was here in the house putting his post from last night up on the blog, waiting to start chopping  and would have to draw wagons, when he came running in and told me ‘quick, Mini is freshening!’ So I am thinking this better be worth it!!!

Well, as you can see, she had it on her own for the most part and it was a HEIFER!!! Ed would often times whisper in her ear that he really wanted a heifer…no kidding…I guess it is probably a form of voodoo coming from him!!!

Take that…

22450067_Ready517947451891848_5624035819543453149_nToday…actually yesterday…Jeremy and I put on our big boy pants and put that rebuilt bagger thru a good old fashioned Gulley on a tear ass kickin’!!

The field we started when all this breakdown bull started, is now all done, finished, complete…well over 20 loads in the span of just over 4 hours.

Like my daddy once said: “It takes an old dog for a rough road and a pup for a path.” Jeremy and I both qualify in the old dog category!…His from machinery abuse and I am just plain old!!!

Today we have to load some beefers and my Brown Swiss bull, Willie, on the truck and head for the auction!!! My bull is beginning to show aggressive tendencies so he’s got to go…a nasty bull is just asking for trouble!!!

After that task we’ll head to the field down the road by Rosewood Cemetery where we can say a quick hello to my parents, sister and everyone else, before we try to put another notch in our pistol grip and do that baby!!!!

If we are able to keep up this pace, Oh, what a happy dance there will be!!!

***Sitting at the ready!!! All equipment is a go!!!