I Tried…

Willie is back..._nI tried…yes, I did…tried my damnedest to not write this post specially now, during the holiday season…BUT…

Another one drove by today!!! Now, if you are a driver of a car with the handicapped card hanging off your mirror…and you truly need the parking privileges , etc…please ignore what I ‘m about to write..

For you chain smokers who went to school with two packs of cigarettes in your shirt pocket and one rolled up in your shirtsleeve…The same person so full of bullshit, even though you never held a job over three weeks…has put in 20 years at four places in 30 years at the age of fifty!!!>>>

Yeah, do the math Jackass, right after lighting another one while hacking up another lung …just in time for that last drag!!!

SORRY!!! I apologize to everyone trying to quit…it is hard…I quit chewing  tobacco thirty years ago…so I know!

Just today, with what we now know about smoking, blood pressure, being overweight…and the list goes on…just to show some try!

Life can be very tough for everyone at times!  For me, I’ll keep parking my old  beat up truck just as far away from the door as possible, so the old jewel won’t get scratched or dented up…

Mostly, it just gives me a cool down period from cashiers that need a machine to make change and I always give them the proper change or a dollar…so they have to add or subtract…something schools don’t teach anymore!!!

So with that cool down walk to my truck, I will make it at least out of the parking lot before my first attack of road rage!!!

Think maybe I need to get off the farm more?

*** Photo  —  Willie was missing all day Sunday but he returned sometime during the night and was waiting for his morning cracker…wish he could talk and tell us where he was…glad he is back!

My Farmer and Me…Winter Digs…

Because of the predicted snow storm which called for 1-2 inches and turned into  4 inches of the wet heavy kind, Phil and Ms Kaye went to the barn for the winter…

Ed took in Phil…I took Ms Kay…both were cooperative! The white chicken that had taken up living with them ended up back in the with the other chickens.

They were all settled in by this morning and came just a running for their grain! Last year we waited until the snow had built up on their yard fence and had weighted down the mesh on the top of their…It had sunken in on them……….

Am hoping the chickens will be okay in their barn

***Phil and Ed looking over the possible treats for him Ms Kaye got her first selfie.



Chicken or the Egg….

Out for a strollnThere she is…out for a stroll in the snow on a Saturday night!!!***Just outside the kitchen window, Ethel is cackling away!!!


Chicken or Egg..

In my recent issue of Successful Farming, they featured technology in Ag…Covering all aspects from the field right into the barn or storage, in both crops and cattle!

Being still rooted in dairy it interested me how their narrative in respect to robotic milking systems is part of the answer to small family farms survival!!!

I have thrown the idea around in my head, always coming back to the same point…As an industry we don’t work together to control milk prices!!!

Now even though USDA sets milk prices, if as a whole we worked together to control volume available to processors we could stack the deck in our favor!

When I look at debt figures, dairy as a whole carries…is it too late? Have the so-called experts and bankers put us on a railway to hell….where the gov’t gets it’s dual wish of cheap food and less farms they can control through regulation.

Average age of the American Farmer is in their late fifties and climbing! People up there in age like that sign on for large debt loads with milk price cycles wither down, down-er or down-est!!

From my perspective, if all dairies signed on to cut  production three percent and only grow one half of a percent per year until we got a new pricing system for milk including cost of production per regulations…

Then I see everyone surviving!!!!

Statutes Ran Out…

Having happened over fifty years ago, I feel safe in admitting my guilt! Every year from the time I was maybe 12 years old, getting the Christmas tree was my job.

Luckily, there is lots of State Land in the area…some that at one time belonged to my parents…Being real young at the time, I don’t know the story, but do have the paperwork which tells me they got $800 for almost 10 acres, that was surrounded by state land and our right of way was questionable at best…

Knowing now the state is selling and those strong arm tactics I read in those papers verifies why my exploits to get Christmas trees were most likely driven by a sense of absent ownership.

Like most years I’d pick a nasty cold day to go tree hunting as I call it! This particular year, snow was over a foot deep and the wind was blowing when I headed out!!

After trudging through two hay fields, one large pasture and plenty of woods there, they were all those nice trees the state had planted on those three small fields I felt we still sort of, kinda, partly owned!!!

After a few circles thru the field…there was the chosen one!!! Must have been getting tired…had to stop chopping with my handy dandy hatchet…which I still have…for a breather!

Voices up the valley there, talking about me chopping! Holy shit! Forest Rangers coming down the valley, most likely following the logging road where my tracks head this way.

Bending that tree over…two whacks… and off we went! I would circle around the knoll back…cross the logging road…go into the brook and follow that back to our pasture..

I never realized if they found the tree I’d cut, they could follow my tracks in…right back to the house!…Instead, my mind was get to that brook and you’re home free…

When reaching water, I thought leave the tree…go upstream and make a false trail. When turning back to head home, telling myself how stupid that was, realized I had dropped the tree in the brook!

Now, with a heavier soaked tree away I went slipping and sliding thru the half frozen mushy water, soaked up to my waist with freezing water…Why soaked from my head down with sweat!

When reaching our pasture, the biggest obstacle yet…the fence…how do I get through the the fence? No fence post in the brook…just four strands of barbed wire!

If I throw the tree over the bank, take a chance…they will find the marks it will leave. Smart me took the string from my hooded coat to tie the tree to the fence. Next I attenpted to wiggle my way between the wire, but instead ripped my pants, lost a glove and somehow ended up with the tree in the water again!!!

Finally as I rounded that first curve in the brook, back onto snowy ground I jumped, just a couple steps away from my tracks heading in…That’s when I realized my good try was all for nothing…Crowbar hotel, here I come.

For days after I was sure the game warden would come pulling into the yard to take me away…

So since they never did, went back the next year and got another with one little change….I walked in from my neighbor’s property.

***Ed is using the buzz saw in the snow….and Grissom is really enjoying our first real snowfall of the winter…misses Kita, his dog friend, who loved the snow as much as he does!!!

My Farmer and Me…Some more parlor touch up…

sleepy dogs_nWorked on doing some more ‘clean-up’ in the parlor and milk house while my Farmer was doing his thing in the shop. ***dogs were all taking a rest so slipped out un-noticed!!!

Cobwebs are always a problem…ones I knocked down last week have reappeared in the same places…a no-no for inspectors. Finished up the main part and moved on to downstairs and did cobwebs again…where do these come from?…then took some piping apart and cleaned gaskets along with washing down the receivers…dust…

On to floor and stairs, sweeping mainly. Trying to keep all up to inspection standards can be a full time job…glad we painted the white in the spring…doesn’t seem to be looking too bad so can move on. Washed pipeline in milk house, which really didn’t need it…Feeling good about my job!!!

Inspector due this month and feel confident we are ready!!!

Mechanic to Janitor…

Today was one of those ‘from here to way over there’ days…

Starting after breakfast…with weather temps calling to be heading downward, thought changing the thermostat in the skiddie was a ‘now’ job! With the $42 worth of parts, ‘head first’ I go!!!

First I found out those studs were not half inch but 12 millimeter…my guess is this part was made overseas but assembled in the states. Also have proof that mechanics have baby hands on a stick …most likely fashioned by Jeff Dunham!!!

So after about 40 minutes with no service call or hourly rate and job complete, skiddie and I headed out to do chores.

With chores complete and one more load of wood on the pile, got a bug in my ass to start cleaning the shop, making room for some tractors to rest thru the cold weather. First off, take half dozen pails of old rusty, broken stuff to hide away in one of many storage areas.

Even have pails of wooden pieces out of a piano someone was going to discard…yes, a piano!!! My vision is to gut it, leaving the keyboard and turning the rest into wooden shelves for my vinyl records! A vision with many more hours of labor than anticipated…aka work in progress!!!

A knee, big foot, future lamp, even crawling bear torso ( well sort of)…Tree stumps, limbs, just basic tree parts in these shapes, stacked up to dry, moved to a more out of the way place!

Going thru all of this stuff in a hurry up pace…some for garbage, other for scrap metal. Just like that janitor pushing his cart down the corridor containing a mop, bucket, broom and window cleaner…I was giving everything a once over with one pass thru.

God help me when reaching the other end and turn around!!!

*** photo of Giblet with the green ear from tattoo ink, none the wiser…Sadie is looking to get in behind us…yeah she is part of the family, but Carol draws the line sometimes!!!