Seat of my Pants…

Yes, seated is when I am doing my best work lately!!! Have used the skid steer to even weed large parts of Carol’s garden after doing all the feeding with it. ( I used it yesterday morning for that job.) I think the little bugger that got me on my side (photo) a couple of month’s ago, is responsible for me not feeling well…

Am keeping the manure scraped in the free stall, even some outside pens! Have two jags of hay mowed even tedded one! With it being real heavy clover, it will get tedded many times!!!

With two more fields with heavy clover, and weather looking a bit more positive am mowing other two in next couple of days…

And if that isn’ t enough for someone wo just chased buzzards away the other day, I then greased and oiled up the corn planter, and planted all the ground Jeremy had ready… And yes, we’re close , finished putting the rest of the corn in the planter before the last corn in the planter before I did the last piece he had ready.

The plan is he has one field that has been plowed that is dry, so between those which he has which he’ll get ready tomorrow while I am mowing, we should be right on the verge of done his corn too!!!

For my corn it has been sprayed and is all up; looked good so farm, some may make it to knee high by the 4th of July, but only some. Either way , I feel pretty good with reports saying there are thousands of acres of corn not planted along with many other crops in the Northeast!!

One off the cuff example is Maryland’s eastern shore is big for watermelons…as of the middle of June only 41% were planted, just about half the 80% that is normally planted by now…

Even though most of this was done while seated, I’m getting back slowly! By being able to do this work, have gotten good sleep last couple of nights, rather than just lay there and hurt!!!…Tossing to and fro to get settled, no way…I did something , my body’s tired now it will rest and heal>>>

***He can get back to enjoying nice sunsets again…


  1. You may very well be right. Glad you’re feeling better but tick borne diseases can really do real damage to our bodies. Scary!!



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