My Farmer and Me…Happy Valentine’s Day from Destiny!!

Although she is balking at her pail of milk today, she is doing well. When Ed came out with her breakfast she really didn’t care for any…we are keeping it warm and will try her again in a few minutes.

Hoping she was just in a playing mood and not feeling poorly about drinking. will let you know.

So….From Destiny and Bejosh, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone…

My Farmer and Me…Letting the Cat out of the Milk Can!!

OphieBecause so many people have asked for a link to the magazine that published Ed’s letter…I am going to try to give you the link to it…

You all know I am not computer savvy at all so what did you expect? I am not sure if there is something special I have to do so you can just click on a link, so here is the only ‘link’ I found… Is this right?

His letter is in the “Opinion” column. February 10 edition of Hoard’s Dairyman.

***Isn’t my kitty just the cutest thing? ***

Some Happenings…

Ice nReceived some nice reading material in the mail from a follower in Missouri…Thank you Melissa!

Many great emails about Destiny, the youngest Brownie baby…

An email on how all my preaching on milk has Debra watching TV commercials close enough to see if they’re using whole milk or not!!!

Then Pam, who met Carol outside a Stewart’s Shop one day, dropped us a nice note!!!

Everyone thank you…We read them all and they make our day!

If anyone has any questions just ask via the blog or at 10 Chestnut Hill Rd, Eagle Bridge, New York 12057…sometimes it may take a day or two, but we will try our best to answer…or save them for the Open House June 30 and we can discuss them!

Believe me, hearing from you all out there brightens our day … thanks again!

For the farm happenings, my haylage is almost gone, so I have located some balage to take its place…actually bought one round bale to try this week…Will fine tune a new ration with hopes production stays up!

Have been pinching pennies with hopes we can buy enough ’til mid May when we should be able to do more of our own haylage, fingers crossed.

Slightly warmer weather allows constant manure spreading as the frozen piles from January’s cold thaw out!

As hard a stretch as the last almost eight weeks have been most, most of our animals have done okay, so far!

Will always want them to look better but at the same time am very thankful everyone’s healthy!

Bottom line in life on the farm…find the silver lining, even if it be on a frozen pile of manure! Your success may be as simple as survival in it’s volatile ways!

***Looking for warmer days to melt all the ice…and snow! We are slipping and sliding all over the place!!!***

Whose idea was the “O”…

With all due respect what idiot put an ‘O’in front of ‘possum’…and then leave it silent?

“Yeah, my name is spelled B-U-D…No, you say it this way ‘.ud’!

Can you imagine the ridicule those little O.. pause…possums went thru with the bully in school?

Next time you see one scamper across the road roll down the window and yes, “Hey, look! an O…Possum!!! They’ll thank you!

Then think twice next time you see someone, lets say, overeating…Please no more ‘Hey they’re eatin’ like a pig!’ Ya’ know those little piglets just may ave eating disorders or possible glandular problems…plus this could be considered profiling. I say this quietly but people love bacon!

Also we best stop calling certain people woodchucks…(must be he doesn’t remember very well…he has called me a woodchuck for years…(Carol))

About the only time we get a special day on the calendar is if we put our name on our birth date…hoping someone will notice!

For me all this new found respect for our animal friends is starting at home with my Aussies! From now on it’s a walk-a-bout in the outback when rounding up the cows! Supper leftovers come right off the barby but most important…no more simple ‘good dog’…instead a big old ‘good day, mate!!!

***two of the Brahma heifers and KaSnee get fed…and some of Ed’s art in the snow!!***

My Farmer and Me — Okay, Enough Already!

I know, I know…enough with the Destiny videos! But honestly, is she not the cutest little miracle?

A week ago I did not hold much hope for her even making it through one night…and here we are a week later!!! She drinks as much as a healthy week old baby…she is getting up on her own…and she is even jumping and playing about!!!

Not going to push her on anyone but you gotta remember this is what we do…when these types of things happen we do our best to work toward a happy ending…

We are so thankful for Destiny’s progress…and am looking forward to seeing her outside in the sunshine this summer, simply enjoying the life she has been given.

Want to thank those of you who wished her well and understood why we devote so much time to these things…a sense of accomplishment keeps us going and Destiny is a fine example of that!!!

And just so you know, I will be putting news of her progress up as often as we feel the need…Again, thanks for all the well wishes!!!

Simply Kool…Seriously Scary!!!

Destiny continues to impress with her powerful spirit! Always drinking up all her milk, even butting the pail. We have made her pen a bit larger and she runs around in short bursts!

Then there is Ethel, the sleepwalking chicken who follows anybody entering the calf barn…she now waits for her drink of milk after feeding Destiny!!!

The three peacocks will also be close by so you better have Cheerios, bread, some sort of a treat which will in turn get Sadie to come to indulge, while Beanie makes noise enough to no be forgotten!!!

Among all this chaos, if you watch closely, somewhere in your surroundings you’ll see Oakley, our resident owl, wither sitting up on some wire of pipe watching for his next meal…Or like tonight he was sitting on the floor watching a crawl space under the compressors!

After watching intently for a short while he scampered in,  most likely to pick up supper. This is at least a three times a day ritual…really kool…

Where as what some processors are sending out with farmers milk checks is seriously scary! A couple reports have mentioned farmers getting Suicide Hotline numbers and other numbers for help on coping with the free fall of milk prices!

Suicide has become a big problem in all types of Ag, lately….Makes all that goes on while feeding Destiny soooo important!!!