Angels Among Us…Ode to Terry A.(ndrew)

Comedy n***Another photo from the fundraiser…Ed and his kids…***

The visit was too short.
When they told me I’m sick
She gave me that hug…
An Angel among us!

A heart oh, so pure
Filled with  nothing but love.

Judge you she won”t.
Bless you for sure
With her pure heart packed
Fulled of Love.

Just there for us all
To grab hold of.

My blessing to fly with.
This golden dove flying down
From above.

Gold plated with love.
A beautiful Angel
Among us.

( Ed wrote this post after a visit from this lady bearing gifts from her 4-h club.
I have to agree that the positive vibes she exudes are contagious…You come away from a visit with her feeling renewed and refreshed…ready to take on whatever life throws at you )

My Two Sam’s…


First there is Sam Cottrell.
Seems I have known him forever.
Would do anything to help…
Always has.

Though Sam Gulley (in green shirt, center)
Runs with the same blood.
From opposite sides of the hill.

We grew up the same
Just miles apart.
So much alike
so much the same.
On different sides of the hill…

Due to reasons that we now need each other
We’re all brought together
In this time that is bigger than us.

My Farmer and Me…I don’t want to…

33059385_621919291494663_831191130870644736_n (1)I am tired…but it shouldn’t matter.

I want to scream…cry…cuss…when all else fails, fight back?

Why can’t I have a hard day? Walk a mile in my shoes!

Is there a designated length of time before I have to go from the loving, caring wife…

To the caregiver? Is there really a difference?

Sometimes I am pushed into feeling things I really don’t.

Anger for one…A controlling person for another.

At least that is what I am told.

Is misinterpretation a symptom of the illness?

Who says a caregiver cannot think with their heart or just plain old love?

Does that mean you stop feeling through the heart?

If that is what I have really become in your eyes

Then I don’t want the job. I like the old job better.

I can have an opinion of my own…right or wrong.

When you sleep I may just take a nap.

I hear every sound in the night…but you can do it.

You don’t need me…my head doesn’t believe it but most importantly

My heart knows better.

Open your eyes…I am here. Like it or not.

I will try my hardest to remain a wife and give the loving care required

But…if I have to give up one to become the other

I don’t want to and I won’t!!


Just Think…

If you couldn’t see

And I knocked at your door

What vision would truly appear

If you couldn’t hear

And I called at your name

Would you feel safe to open that door?

We send feeling to each other

In all different ways

Others much different than sight and sound

Things from within travel through our skin

Getting to each others’

Spirit and soul

A place many of us have never been told

Lives deep within us

Look deep inside

We will all sometime be each other’s

Chosen One

My Farmer and Me…Fantastic evening!!!

Would like to throw out a huge thank you to our son-in-law Tony (will put up photo later) along with Angie (from the Falls Diner) and the North Hoosick Fire Company for pulling together a fantastic spaghetti dinner and fundraiser for my Farmer.

He enjoyed his time immensely…the food, visitors and the entire evening… This truly meant the world to my farmer and his family.

Tony worked very hard getting this up and running, along with Angie and the Fire Company.

Community is everything…friends, relatives we haven’t seen in literally years. Renewing old acquaintances and catching up. Everyone was so supportive and caring!

More to come, along with lots of photos!!! Busy day ahead!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!!!

My Farmer and Me…More fixin’ and visitin’…

This  morning our milk truck driver Bruce spent a few minutes visiting with us…He is such a good friend; very supportive and caring. Ed enjoyed the conversation immensely.

The hand rails are completed on the ramp for my Farmer…great job Tony and Tucker!!! Thank you so much from the both of us. I looks great and is just what we needed!

He also had a visit from Heather yesterday…just one of his girlfriends!!! Looking forward to going to Chile’s to have her wait on us….and to say hello to Jaime! Both great people…epitome of a good waitress.

Day before Deb Niles dropped in…what an awesome surprise. she and her husband Gary owned our local store for many years…up until he passed 3 years ago. Debbie moved to Virginia and recently lost her Dad so she was back here to handle all the necessary things associated with that.

I bet we all talked for at least 2 hours…catching up on everything with her as well her catching up with us. Deb is not pushy when it comes to advise…she gives it and either you act on it or not…she doesn’t press you to act. We had a great time.

Last but not least, Skipp Starr came and filled us in on his doctor’s visit in Georgia…all positive news, thank God. Skipp is one of those people that would give you the shirt off his back if he thought it would help. So we both look forward to his visits!

Ed is taking a nap and I think I will too…tonight is the spaghetti dinner fundraiser and I am sure there will be plenty of conversation. my Farmer is looking forward to it.

So we will be in touch again soon. Have a good one everyone!!!

The Journey…Drawing together…

Coop and Grampy nToday was a good day…busy but good. Son-in-law Tony built hand rails on the ramp…Tucker was assisting him and Logan was helping Maggie move some furniture…while Cooper and Grampy were drawing together.

I ran some errands while I knew he would have people here with him…seems like we all got a lot accomplished so was a good day.

Sorry so short tonight but my bed is calling my name and my Farmer is resting. Tomorrow I am hoping to get Ed outside (actually he will probably want to be) and there is a dinner for him tomorrow evening.

So I will write again tomorrow…all is well!