My Farmer and Me…Morning Chatter…

Yes, it is another duck video…actually have added more actors…Canadian geese.

I really enjoy listening and watching these critters…they are their own little community.

This morning the geese were chasing some of the females and really squawking but it isn’t breeding time for them, so must have been just having fun!

I enjoy the chatter………….

Multiple Updates…

With different happenings on the farm daily, sometimes I forget to post updates. First, those cows back a couple weeks ago with upset tummies, all came around with only one not getting back to her former milk production!..most likely due to being in late stage of her lactation.

For the heifer MiniZeeze, who lost her calf, she is surprising me by milking quite well. One of typical Brown Swiss …I have to go into the holding area…put my arm or halter on her neck…then she follows me into the parlor to get milked! She milks fine, no kicking or jumping about, just starts right in leaking milk right after she is washed!

Jeremy brought the bagger down and we will store it in one of my sheds for the winter since it’s become a large part of our shared jobs!

Continue to go to the woods everyday that it is not raining, to get at least one skiddie bucket of wood to cut up on the buzz saw! As for the saw, I did try something new by sharpening it with my tiny air grinder, which helped! Now I think the three little drive belts need to be just a whisker tighter…sitting idle such a long time, a few bumps in the road are expected.

Slowly keep crossing small jobs off the winter prep list!!…For ‘me’ time, I even got to finish the Christmas tree! Official tree lighting is tentatively set for this weekend with maybe a touch of snow!

Also, don’t forget…still have several creations left at blowout prices, and Carol reminds me that she will be ordering the TieDye tee-shirts on Saturday, in order to get them finished for Christmas shipping.

Lastly, my 12 days of Christmas remake will also start it’s climb up the hot 100 charts when I release the whole thing at the official tree lighting…Rumor has it Bubbles will be there…do I hear a duet???!!!

Re-rod Christmas…

Ed has completed his metal Christmas tree with some very neat  ornaments, chain garland and of course, lights.

I can’t wait for dark so you can tell the lights are indeed on.

Want to have an official tree lighting this weekend; the forecast calls for a dabble of snow, perhaps not, but either way, the celebration will begin…

By the way…don’t let Jon Katz know it is already lit…he is supposed to be here for it,  so mum is the word, okay? Can’t sneak anything past Ed’s brother from another mother!!!


Moon and silo nWould like to say thanks again for those of you who take time to send us letters via snail mail, emails and comments on t he blog. All these interactions with the big world out there make long days worth it…

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought telling my story as a true life-er of the farming way, would take me where I am today; getting this great positive group hug from everyone out there!

When I first started writing in Jon’s class, it was my intention to write a book on growing up farming the Gulley way. That’s when he convinced me, then Carol, to do the blog…sort of a book…one day at a time/page at a time.

Still have a spark in me to do the book thing, just not a farming book! Without having the time to spend a couple of hours a day writing started the Bubbles saga.

I think about where I want to go with it for a few days then write a post with intentions that just maybe, in time, will have a book!

The outline in my head has best seller written all over it!!!

My Farmer and Me…Milker Maintenance…

Part of our upkeep and maintenance routine is replacing milk hose, inflations and vacuum hoses on a regular basis. The rubber in these parts can get dried out and crack from the acid sanitizer used to rinse the entire system.

This serves for keeping the milk clean and safe for the consumer…by replacing these parts on a regular schedule it also helps to keep bacteria and other harmful things from growing in these parts.

I can be tedious sometimes, especially in real cold weather…everything is so stiff…but we manage to get the job done with a wood stove in the parlor to keep things a bit warm on those days when old man winter is chomping at the bit…

Rekindling the Condition…

Bubbles_n_2Recap: I had taken Bubbles back to the woods where I found her, hoping I would find out what had happened to her…

…There standing at the top of the bank in his bright orange, a hunter holding a very large rifle…”Kinda old to be playin with dolls, ain’t we?”

Stumbling for words I answered, “Oh well, no…and it’s a  movie.”

“Hell yeah,” he said, “you homeless crazies; even invading our good huntin’ areas! They oughta have open season on you bastards!”, as he headed deeper into the woods!

Knowing I wouldn’t get a second chance, I reached up to grab Bubbles and her ride…I found nothing…No Bubbles, no wheeler!!!

Should I yell to her, knowing that hunter is close, or just get y ass back to the truck while I can?

Falling to my knees, tears streaming down my face; what was happening to me? I yelled, but there was no sound…I beat my chest, but I could not feel it!!!

Slowly, as if by some supernatural force, my sense of direction and reason returned…running to the truck we sped back to the farm…Yes, WE…Bubbles was sitting there next to me, her wheeler in the truck bed…But how? I don’t remember!

Sitting there at my bench staring at the metal Christmas tree I had promised myself to finish days ago;;;grabbing my head in disgust…again sobbing uncontrollably…


What’s that? BLOOD…I’m bleeding from a large cut on the back of my head! How…Why? Can’t let Carol find out or will really have a condition…playing with Bubbles and all!!!

How can I stop the bleeding…can’t even see it! Gotta go in the house and look in the mirror…Oh, No!…Can’t have blood in the house!

Walking out of the shop with my hand on my head and blood running down my arm…Wait! What’s that? The big pipe that should be leaning up against the shop wall! Look…blood on it and the ground surrounding it…more blood!

Did I ever leave the shop? When I was carrying Bubbles to the truck, did I hit up against that pipe and make it fall? By the way, why is the wheeler over there and where is Bubbles?

Why is everything moving…man, I feel…   to be continued…

Next time…Is it a condition or what????

To the Woods…

Earlier it was a nice, sunny Sunday and we went  to pick up some of the dried wood that is left in the woods that we had logged 4 years ago.

As you can see, our logger-man left us a mess, which we are slowly getting cleaned up…actually reclaimed a bit this past spring and planted corn on it….

It was a nice change for me, especially with the nice weather…will take this kind all winter…won’t like it too much when there is snow on the ground!!!