My Farmer and Me…Chopping Corn Again…

After doing the video of the bagger at work,(yeah) I jumped in the tractor with Ed and rode almost all the way around the field until my thumb got a gosh-awful cramp from holding the camera and at the same time trying to hold myself still enough to make it worthwhile.

With the past week in repair limbo, this field along with a couple others has dried considerably…we had a few hot, humid days last week and it is supposed to warm up again (only in the 50’s today) by the end of this week to the 70’s.

Ed and Jeremy chopped until 8 o’clock, while I did my evening chores and most of the milking. I guess it was time for a little catch-up. Tomorrow is another day!

YES! The Bagger is Fixed…

Jeremy and Ed got the new parts in the bagger,  the second batch for the other side, so they got back running finally. Jeremy had thought the last parts should have been added when the first breakdown occurred , but was told differently by the salesman. Ultimately, Jeremy was right.

But with a good weekend to tear apart and put together, all is well.

My Farmer and Me…Wanna be a Rooster!

22405945_Minnie and Rooster516753478677912_7281686705306158181_nWhen I was cleaning up the parlor this morning, I noticed Minnie just sitting in the doorway and waited to see what she saw coming…I call him Wanna-be because he doesn’t dare act like a real rooster when he is around Rooster Cogburn!!!

He gets chased back out into the yard when he tries to go into the larger coop but is allowed to roost in there. I suppose Cogburn kinda’ rules the roost!!!

So onto the day’s events…Jeremy was unable to get the part welded today, but he has someone to do it tomorrow or Monday morning. He went back up to his house to get some things done and Ed scraped the barn and chopped two loads of corn into the dump-wagons to add to our pile.

Hope they can get it up and running soon…It really worked great for us last year; the first time we have bagged any and feeding it out through the winter was less work for Ed…no spoilage to deal with!! You get that in a pile…

I went to get chicken feed and a few groceries, then came home to do this posting and think about what to have for dinner. Thinking tacos and/or salad. I am feeling lazy today!!! Ed would probably say, what’s new?!!! He has stayed busy all day as usual…

Did a load of laundry as well as the cow cloths, too.  I am enjoying the fact that I can still hang them out without freezing my fingers! Coming soon enough, though.

Well, time to go start evening chores, get supper and milk again. Hoping we will have some Swiss babies soon!

Hi Charlotte! Thanks for the advertising; Dan says you were telling everyone about the Blog…I am still in awe that you and Dan came to see us while on your vacation!!! Loved it!!!

Good Weather Keep Coming…

22405475_sadie in free stall516753522011241_6334022075033485409_nToday was another day of grease, grunt, smash a knuckle, swear, more grease, then more grunting, a wrench slipping off to more knuckle busting, and lots more swearing!!!

Jeremy’s bagger has been a challenge to him this time around…but at least we could try to fix it together…working alone is seldom fun! He was calm and kept his cool, as did I, trying to get the thing apart…doesn’t always work that way for either of us!!!

But at last, everything is apart, the new bearing is here…the part that needs to be welded is out…and to top it all off we’ve got new bolts to put it back together again…Just like Humpty Dumpty, except I think this sucker’s worse!!!

If I was to rate any repair jobs I have done before, this one rates right up there near the top…Like the time the track on an old bulldozer we had came off in the middle of a brook…went up it a ways then out the other side! The only way to get to a wood lot we had back in the ’60s.

When done right under semi normal conditions, putting a track back on is a job…This time it was much more than a job due to being in the middle of the January, during a real old fashioned cold snap! The water was eight to ten inches deep and running real fast.

We did get the track back on, turned the dozer around and made it home at about 10 p.m. in clothes that were frozen solid!!!

Then after changing clothes, chores were done and the next day we found wood closer to home which was much greener than the dead wood and downed trees we would have gotten in the woodlot.

So, it didn’t throw heat you’d like from the wood stove, but it was still heat…not the deep freeze we had spent that day in!!

I still get the chills every time I think about that day…Did I ever mention I don’t like winter or nasty repair jobs???

***Sadie was in the free stall when the cows went out after milking this morning…just makes herself at home!

New Art Creations for Sale…

22490089_flower three516278318725428_4721652258901519802_nThese are some of the flowers that Ed has made this fall for the Open House at Bedlam Farm…They are all for sale with each one $40 plus shipping (if necessary). The ones already shipped cost about $20 to send.

If you see anything you like, you can let us know through the blog or just email us @

He also has a MahongaHeila, a dog and a turtle…if anyone is interested.

My Farmer and Me…Hoof trimming…

After milking Adit this morning, we trimmed her left rear hoof…Ed tied her up to the side of the cow platform and I held the rope while he trimmed away on her hoof…

First he cut away some of the over grown hoof and then trimmed the inside portion where she had a small abcess.

She wasn’t too impressed with the process, but eventually did stop fighting it and Ed got it fixed and wrapped.

So now she has a new baby and a pedicure, to boot….